Everyone may be familiar with the classic cable chain necklace designs, because cable shape and forms is the most common element in our daily life, in natural, art and fashion, today we are here to talk about our cable chain necklace which echoed back the historical endurable forms. 

Cable Chain Necklace Designs-Learn From the Nature 

Have you noticed the entangled stringed roots round the big trees when you hiking, The original cable form is created by nature and followed by human kind. I was grown up in remote rural village, i still remember my mom teach me how to make the ropes by twisting plant fibers into one with hands. The rope is unpredictable durable. Due to the durability of cable form, all the wire rope, marine chains nowadays are designed into cable form to create bigger strength.

Cable Chain Necklace Designs-Post Modern Jewelry

Designers starts to add the natural element into fashion jewelry due to the pleasantly minimalist modern look of the cable chains since 80s. (Actually, cable link chains necklace can be traced back to earlier time of the 2nd century A.D, the limestone monument of charming queen Zenobia shows she was wearing the cable chain necklace and cable chain bracelet in that time).Timeless and edgy style cable chain necklace were spotted on major designers runways like Chloé, Alexander Wang and Balenciaga,New bold statement cable chain necklace comes in different designs and materials and become the top collected accessory for one’s wardrobe.

There is nothing stop my lover towards cable chain necklace designs, Do you like it?

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