I am obsessive with wonder women powerful cuff bracelet,which contains a huge superpower and can block out bullet.Cuff is one classic accessory that exist for a long time from ancient Greece for only the royalty and brave warriors. Superhero power aside, cuff have been the adorable chic accessory for some famous fashion designers and celebrities like Coco Chanel and Jackie O. one can barely photograph Coco Chanel without her Maltese Cross Vendura cuffs which inspired by Byzantine artwork in her traveling.

Cuffs does not have incredible influence in fashion history, but also has been brought back to the runways of fashion show this year.The layering cuff, Upper Arm Cuffs and cuff over sleeves style has been the lead cuff trend of 2018-2019. so let check out the most glitter cuff fashion 2018-2019 !

Cuff Fashion 2018-2019:Upper Arm Cuffs

If you havn’t tried upper arm cuffs before, this summer is the best time to wear this must have accessory on your bare arms or black long sleeves, it must will emit a vibration of trendy and fun. Chloé Oscar de la Renta proposed upper arm cuffs to all this season,Chloé showed us the glamorous modern and elegant look of upper arm cuffs in Paris fashion week. We know it was a style needed to be reckoned with, but it is worth trying.

Cuff Fashion Upper Arm Cuffs

Cuff Fashion Upper Arm Cuffs

Cuff Fashion Upper Arm Cuffs

Cuff Fashion 2018-2019:Cuff Over Sleeves

Chloé 2018 winter collection well demonstrated the Naive Bohemian style by one pair of heavy and stylish cuffs over both sleeves of satin, cuff becomes a detailed part of the whole Exotic attire. It is also a good idea to wear your gold cuff over your simple sweater, add a warm but clean and modern flair to this fall.

Cuff Fashion Cuff Over Sleeve

Cuff Fashion 2018-2019: Laying Cuff

The more the better, there are a lot of cuffs to choose, the one embodied with colorful stones, classic silver and gold wide cuffs, the most fun is to mix it up, laying your Cuffs, show your own style statement. Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle and Saint Laurent brought the layered antique silver cuff for all dependant and powerful women. Using your imagination and layered your cuff no one else does to explore your own unique fashion modern style.

Cuff Fashion Layering Cuffs

What do you think about this year cuff fashion, share you thoughts in below.

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