Cufflinks , important men’s fashion accessories. Men's cufflinks are same as women’s delicate earrings. As a business man, choose right cufflinks , show your grade ,this is called “The magic of the details”,and details determine success or failure !


As we know, when u are going to visit your customer wearing a suit , it is formal but dull, why not try to adorn a delicate cufflink, add a bright spot and highlight your attention to the customer? Cufflinks bring style to your attire and make you look more fashionable. It also, helps to distinguish a person from the crowd. You don’t wear cufflinks daily; you have to ensure that you get the very best appearance and style, when you have them.


※※What kind of shirt can be used cufflinks ? ※※

musketeer cuffs or French cuffs,This specially designed cuff shirts and more generally wear on formal occasions, and focus on crop cultivation British senior executives who will put this shirt with cufflinks to wear to the office.

Strictly speaking, with a dress suit, it should be stacked French cuff shirts and use cufflinks.


※※Occasion(Applications) of cufflinks ? ※※

→Office:A blue or white shirt match transparent color cufflinks, tie suggest choose dark blue or black, can produce reliable feeling.

→Negotiations:The crude dark blue stripes shirt with metallic cufflinks, tie choose dark lines, easy to manufacture convince people effect.

→Party:Pink shirt with a dark tie cufflinks, tie with diagonal stripes wind Oxford, there relaxing, casual feel.

→Wedding:Pink shirt with metallic cufflinks, tie purple color column selection can make yourself even more limitless energy.

→Important occasion: such as, job interview, Gray shirt with silver cufflinks with a satin monochrome tie, there will be noble effect, bring deep impression to others.


※※How to put on cufflinks ?※※

Maybe the following pics can be better than words.

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Cufflinks detail sketch: 


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