Usually, most customers can not distinguish the difference between Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry. It is very difficult to identify by website product images , but the price between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry is so Very different ! We write this blog , just tell u, Please do not be deceived by some Fraud jewelry sellers.

About Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry

Their main difference is materials ,purity,Cutting technology and the composition of the material.

Fashion Jewelry =made with brass, alloy, stainless steel, leather, such as cheap materials ;Gold-plated, platinum plating, etc.; Artificial crystal, rhinestone, zircon, synthetic pearl, etc.

Fine Jewelry= (genuine) gold, platinum, silver, Noble diamonds (etc).

For example :

when u wear a 4kt gold ring with a genuine diamonds , it is classified as fine jewelry .

When u wear a gold plated brass with the rhinestone, it is classified as fashion jewelry .

Maybe they have the same weight and appearance, but their value and price have big difference.

Fashion Jewelry VS Fine Jewelry

Difference of Fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

That means there are two types of jewelry, fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. So how do u tell them ? You now have to look for the precious metal hallmark (e.g. 18k imprint) to confirm which one it is.

Fashion jewelry is not made of precious metals, natural gemstones, natural pearls, or diamonds. There are some exceptions with precious metal pieces. These include precious metal settings that feature a main stone as a natural stone, but the surrounding stones are manufactured. The opposite is also true. When the main stone is manufactured and the surrounding stones are natural, the jewelry will be classified as fine jewelry.

Nowadays, famous brand like Swarovski: from fashion jewelry to fine jewelry magnificent . I think Swarovski is popular among people because of Raw materials and cutting is an advantage. 

But We think every consumer should read this article before entering a shopping expedition on Fashion Jewelry vs Fine Jewelry. It is sad but the market is saturated with uncrupoues not so honest individuals that would say anything to make a sale by so-called "profecionals".