Gold Animal Themed Jewelry Inspired by animals, this category is can be traced back to the 1960. However, the relationship between man and animal can be traced back to the beginning. Though the relationship has gradually changed from the food chain to domestication for companionship,the current situation, man has domesticated cats, dogs, birds, pigs, cows, elephants, wild cats and so much more. These come with a cost to the host …

But animal jewelry are always family together . Be a important member of family. Human love dog because of loyalty, Human love elephant because of lucky, Human love cat because of cute,

Now you don’t have to worry anymore because at u7 we provide you with gold animal themed jewelry where you don’t have to spend any more on your favourite pet. Carry it to the airport, hotels and any destination you like. It is your soul companion everywhere and every time. Your sole reminder of a pet you once loved. Keep it forever to behold.

We present you, your pet in fashion jewelry from;Gold Animal Themed Jewelry

Cats on your bed

gold animal themed jewelry

To the cute dogs in your living room,

gold animal themed jewelry


Fish reptiles in your tank

gold animal jewelry

Bunnies in your backyard,


For the lovers of animals and the believers of animal spirits, your choices of quality are unlimited, affordable and durable at U7 jewelry collections.