You must know well about every religions' symbol. Like cross for Christian, Star of David for Judaism, Star and crescent for Islam. But how much do you know about Allah and Allah Jewelry. Today let us to find out more about Allah and Allah jewelry.


The Origin And Meaning Of Allah

The Arabic word "Allah" has been used by Arabic people of different religions since pre-Islamic  times. More specifically, it has been used as a term for God by Muslims. Allah is the one and only god, creator of the universe and the judge of humankind in Islamic Qur'an which is written according to the speech of God's messenger Muhammad.


Allah Jewelry

From our above information, You must know Allah is the only god and its powerful Strength in Muslims' heart and nowadays more and more Muslims start to wearing Allah jewelry to express their unwavering religion faith, so gradually Allah jewelry becomes indispensable accessories in Muslims daily life.


Rules On Wearing Allah Jewelry

Muslims also have some rules to follow when wearing Allah jewelry.Like take off Allah jewelry or cover it before entering bathroom, or take off when clean the dirt, it is disrespect to Allah if you don’t follow the rule.
Women is allowed to wearing Allah jewelry but should keep the jewelry hide and covered. And men should not wearing Allah bracelet and earrings, for it is an act of imitating women which is not allowed in Islamic religion.


In Muslin jewelry market, Allah jewelry is made with different kinds of materials. beautiful and unique designs. Here we introduce you some gorgeous Allah jewelry which is fascinate to Muslims.

1.Allah Jewelry For Male Muslim-Allah Ring

This simple and muscular type stainless steel ring with outer circle stamped with Allah is the top one accessory for male Muslims. Stainless steel is more favorable than any other materials, because its price is affordable and could stay for a very long time, not easily corroded and tarnished.

Allah Jewelry For Male Muslim

2.Allah Jewelry For Female Muslims-Allah Bracelet And Necklace

This 18K gold plated Allah bracelet possess a rich color and is adorable to female Muslims.

Allah Bracelet And Necklace

The simple 18K gold plated and the stone setting Allah pendant necklace is always popular among female Muslim jewelry lovers.

Allah pendant necklace


Above all is our glimpse on Allah and Allah jewelry, maybe it is not complete, if you are a Muslim and have more ideas and knowledge want to share with us, please don't forget to leave your valuable comment.