Costume jewelry is one of the most popular among all girls for its glamour,elegance and sophistication design and reasonable price. A must have accessory for banquet and party wearing, which complement our Evening dress and gown. We almost wearing it everyday, costume jewelry satisfied our desire for all bold statement style jewelry with affordable price. But it also bring us headache until one day we find our costume jewelry vanished or turned black. How to clean the easy corrosive costume jewelry become a top urgent task need to be done for us.

Costume jewelry resistance for the outer harm is much weaker than real fine jewelry, it need more careful maintenance and mild cleaning which is varied from clean real fine jewelry.Last time we have share with you about how to clean Costume Jewelry-gold plated jewelry,So today we are here to share some suggestive ways on how to clean costume jewelry-synthetic pearl and Rhinestone at home and on how to keep your costume jewelry in daily wearing.

How to Clean Costume Jewelry(Synthetic Pearl Jewelry)

How to Clean Costume Jewelry Synthetic Pearls

1.First Insure if your synthetic pearl has cracked or chipped areas, you should not scrubbing that areas to avoid further damage. 

2.Get a bowl and pouring a little mild liquid soap and warm water into it, water should not too hot.
3. Deep your synthetic pearl in the bowl until all be covered, and leave it in for couple minutes to let the oil dirty to totally dissolved.
4. Take it out of the bow and wrap it with soft dry towel, gently pat the pearls to make the moisture be absorbed as much as possible, make sure metal clasp dried. Leave it in the towel to dry. Finally take out when it is totally dried.
5. Keep your pearls in a velvet bags in cool place, the coating of synthetic pearl is very unstable and easy to be scratched off so it is better to keep away from Strong sunlight and other sharp object.

How to Clean Costume Jewelry

How to clean Costume Jewelry(Rhinestone Jewelry)

Never use water to clean Rhinestone Jewelry, because rhinestone is backed with foil which is delicate and act as a mirror to sparkle the light to let the rhinestone shining, foil will damaged when submerged.

How to clean Costume Jewelry Rhinestone Jewelry
1.Deep a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and then wipe the moisture from the tip with the tissue paper.
2.Clean the Rhinestone step by step, when the swab is dirty, change a new one, and use the opposite dry cotton swab to wipe out the moisture when it is too wet. Clean the reverse side according to the same way.
3.When almost all the dirty part has been cleaned, use a soft and dry towel rub gently on the surface of the rhinestone, don’t be too harsh to causing the stone fall off.
How to clean Costume Jewelry
Pay a little attention to daily wearing will save up much effort in keeping well of your costume jewelry, put them separate in the jewelry box to not Exposure to the oxygen,the perfume or body lotion will have a chemical effect with costume, thus wear costume jewelry after make up.
Do you have any great tips on how to clean costume jewelry?If yes, please share with us and leave your comment in below.