Recently, Papua New Guinea gold jewelry prevail at our store. The Independent State of Papua New Guinea, who is a country with lots of splendid national culture. Let’s take a look at some of Papua New Guinea culture now !


Bird oParadise
The Papua New Guinea National Emblem is bird of paradise seated on a horizontal Kundu drum and spear.As the National bird ,bird of paradise is specialty bird in Papua New Guinea which symbolizes national independence, freedom, happiness. And Kundu drum and spear is symbolizes the traditional culture of Papua New Guinea.

National Emblem of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Gold Jewelry

 Papua New Guinea Gold Bird of Paradise Jewelry.

KUNDU Ethnic Earrings Necklace Sets

 Papua New Guinea Gold KUNDU Jewelry

Crocodiles are significant to Papua New Guinea local people . Because they have cultural traditions base on this kind of ancient animal.Some tribesmen in there would wear scars cut into their skin during traditional ceremony, whose scare is similar as the back of crocodile. They feel very proudly of it because they believe crocodile stands for power,strength and manliness. 

Papua New Guinea Crocodile gold jewelry

Papua New Guinea Gold Crocodile Jewelry.


Papua New Guinea people love tattoo, colorful face and grass skirt. They also enjoy decorating themselves with leaf, bark, a strip of cloth and bird’s feather. It’s interesting that, some tribesmen even hung pig ' s teeth or birds' claw on their noses.Some seller do most jewelry ,such as African Indigenous Mask jewelry sets be their favorite jewelry .

Papua New Guinea Gold Jewelry

Papua New Guinea mask gold jewelry

African Indigenous Mask jewelry sets

The 42th National Day of Papua New Guinea is coming on Sep. 16th . Maybe that is why Papua New Guinea gold jewelry prevail at our store. They love their country so that they want to make some Papua New Guinea gold jewelry as souvenir. U7 Jewelry wish  the country which is full of national characteristics have a happy National Day!


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