Chain has been used as accessories and jewelry from ancient times, the long history and original background makes chain jewelry with multifaceted nature and deep meaning, Chain has been made into new shapes and designs in each runways, it is the top accessories for fashion designers and celebrities.

We can say we are familiar with chain jewelry, but do you know the rich history of Chain and chain jewelry? What is chain jewelry made of ? Today, Lets discover more about gold chains and chain jewelry!

1.History of Chain and Chain Jewelry

Around the 8th century BC, Greeks created the side-by-side strands of “strap chain”, In Renaissance,chain becomes a common piece of jewelry for the elite upper-class. Then Muff chain be seen in every well dressed ladies’ neck in 18th century.

The Everlasting Chain Jewelry

2.Modern fashion chain jewelry and Accessories

In 1930s,COCO channel starts a fashion trend when she draped a long gilt chains and fake pearl down to her waist which are affordable to every class. Nowadays chain has been made into different shapes,designs and multiple daily accessories like: pendent chain necklace, bracelets, ankles, body chain, waistband, handbag chain. You can find it always appear in Viktor & Rolf fashion show and vogue magazines.

The Everlasting Chain Jewelry

Chain jewelry evokes the idea of connection, power, status, but also charm and love. Hip hop artists often wearing their big gold and bling chain necklace to make their statement.

3.How modern Chain Jewelry be Made

Usually chain jewelry is made of brass and copper and most will be plated with gold. Here is a video which well explained how gold chain be made.