Recently, we are honored to invite famous Hip hop artist Jet Wilson to sponsor our U7 jewelry.  

Who is Jet Wilson ?
Jet Wilson , an up and coming famous rapper, who was born on 1st Nov. 1992 in USA , start his musical career in 2008.

Wanna know more about Jet Wilson ? we(U7 Jewelry) begin our wonderful exclusive interview as blow:

  • Q : As we know, you(Jet Wilson) wear U7 Jewelry in most of your MV . Any special reason ?
  • A : I bought these chains from your company about 2 years ago ! They last a very long time and I wear your jewelry every day until now .You can see in previous music videos or recent photo shoots, I always worn U7 jewelry. Which sparked the idea of a partnership/cooperation with U7. I'm going to wear your jewelry in my next music video too ! and I wanna each rapper can find best gold chain , so I find you.
  • Q : You are a famous rapper , have you had any interviews?
  • A : Idk one of the people who work for 50'cent or Justin Bieber, It was on 50'cent and Justin Bieber blog
  • Q : I believe people are curious about your team . Could you pls introduce briefly?
  • A : This is my team, . I have a team included personal manager, business manager, videographer, etc, we talk about music every day, and I am lucky to meet my fiancée, she also love music and be my soulmate .
  • Q : We hear that your fans on Instagram increase to 100K within three months. How could you make it ?
  • A : I feel pleasure that my fans love me. Maybe what they love isn’t me , but music ,Haha . My honor. To my surprise, a fan customized a unique pendant for me on your website. Another fan draw oil paintings for me specially

 U7 Interview With Jet Wilson
Ok, thanks for interviewing with Jet Wilson, we are lucky to get permission to show his photos by wearing our U7 hiphop jewelry.

 U7 Interview With Jet Wilson

 U7 Interview With Jet Wilson
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