You've probably already seen it throughout the past year ... and you are going to see even more-18K gold plated jewelry is everywhere these days. 18K gold plated jewelry has been highlighted by magazines Fashion experts everywhere and more and more people prefer to wear 18K gold plated jewelry instead of gold jewelry to make their statement.

The high profit and small risk investment of 18K gold plated jewelry means a huge and potential market for all retailers, if you are a wise retailer and are planning on finding a reliable wholesale on 18K gold plated jewelry, you are in a right place, our mainly business scope is 18K gold plated jewelry and have engaged in producing and selling of 18K Gold Plated Jewelry for more than 10 years. Here we introduce our best selling 18K gold plated jewelry to you.

1.18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale-What is the Advantage of Our Product

Our 18K gold plated jewelry is copper and stale steel covered with 3 layer thicker 18K real gold using best technology to keep durability. it looks like real gold but with low price and will not easily tarnished like other low quality products, the thick gold layers could be keep for 2-3 years if under appropriate wearing habits.

We always keeps up on new fashion trend and develop our new product constantly to fulfill the demand of the market needs. We are flexible on new product development for our Efficient production line and we also accept customize produce of our customers if the order is big enough.

2.Best Selling -18K Gold Plated Chain Necklace

One of our best selling product is 18K gold plated chain necklace, we are available for any style and designs, you can find the 18k gold plated chain necklace you can never see in other places like Cuban Chain,Rope Chain,
Herringbone Chain, Spiga Chain, Figaro Chain,Singapore Chain,Box Chain, Foxtail Chain, Scroll Chain,Cable Chain,Bead Chain,Omega Chain, Snake Chain.
18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale
3.Best Selling-18K Gold Plated Cross Jewelry

One piece of faithful religions pieces of 18K Gold Plated cross jewelry is a kind a basic accessories for all and embraced by religious also by all fashion trendsetters, you can see the big trend of Cross Jewelry in this years Met Gala.
18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

4.Best Selling-18K Gold Plated Hip hop Jewelry

18K Gold Plated Hip hop jewelry always be our competitive product from the past to the present and to the future, we have all designs for you.

18K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

 If you want to be our retailer, you can click here to fill in the application, so we can provide your good service and list of our new products. 


ali hebshi said:

I Want to open a drop shipping website, I will order one by one customized name necklaces and bracelets, i want them to be 18k gold plated as the picture attached..
please let me know if you provide the service, or if you can manufacture by order

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