As a man, wanna look different in the crowed ? Necklace is not the privilege of women, Choose right necklace style fit for yourself, u can be the shine from the crowed. There’s a bit of a barrier for men to get over regarding any sort of jewelry,but u just got some tips . And toady, we will advice 5 Styles of Necklace for Men.


Pls remember, men are never going to wear anything that could be considered “costume jewelry” — the big, shine jewelry that you’ll see accompanying evening gowns. That’s strictly a woman’s fashion. In my opinion, men’s neckalce or jewelry need to keep simple and look nature, good necklace will make u cool !


1. Gold chain

Men necklace material mostly gold, show your masculinity in the flickering light, if the camel bone chain or screw bay chain, are more ancient dragon warrior can set off powerful temperament.

Gold Chain with men is a popular and classic style of necklace, here are punk style necklace, hiphop style necklace, usually, gold chain necklace can match a T-shirt (white or black better), The key to wearing a chain well is modesty. Keep the style understated, u needn’t say anything , just stand there, maybe it is better than u said !

5 Styles of Necklace for Men - gold chain

A good gold chain necklace make you look more masculine, more sedate.


2. Chokers

Chokers For men usually not gold or silver , Usually, u can choose leather choker neckalce .Because we need to consider Comfort . Metal chokers are relatively uncommon. So are chokers with an ornament hanging from the front — that looks a bit too much like a pet with its tags hanging from its collar for most people’s taste, and not in a hardcore, military-style dogtag kind of way.

Choose right choker give u young energetic.

 5 Styles of Necklace for Men-choker

3. Sport Style Dog Tag

Military-style dog tags are functionally just a specialized pendant, but they bear mention on their own, if only because more and more jewelers seem to be making upscale versions.Such as, if u are an athletes, maybe u will love to wear men sport jewelry with different design. If u are a leader in your army, wear the dog tag will make you look more majestic.That is the policemen’s favorite.

Wear them if it’s really your style, but be aware that not everyone’s going to love it — and don’t wear a flashy set into a VFW post if you didn’t serve.

5 Styles of Necklace for Men-Dog Tag


4. Pendant

Never forget men’s necklace just adorn yourself ,it is a small part , so pls choose big necklace ,such as,gemstone ,crystal, that is wrong action.just choose a single small ornament on a relatively long chain or cord, such that the ornament rests below your neck.

Pendants can be worn outside casual shirts like T-shirts, but are usually tucked underneath anything with a turndown collar. A deep V-neck may, of course, bare enough of the chest that the pendant can be seen against the bare skin.

5 Styles of Necklace for Men-pendant

5. Religious

Religious Necklace included cross ,Allah,Christian,INRI,Hamsa hand.Some people buy it just need to some specific faiths or sects, while others are merely personal displays of belief.

If u choose religious pendant, we advice u can wear round collar clothes in order to show your sincerity, but not lncluded in the bar, you don’t want it to be the first thing someone notices about you in a crowded bar :)

u7 religious necklace



A good necklace show that u are a well-dressed man,just like we refered about the importance of the men cufflinks. Sincerely hope our blog can help u find your necklace style. Question ? Pls leave your comment below and speak your opinions.

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