Congrats ! APEC 2018 is in Papua New Guinea,

The eyes of the world’s media are on Papua New Guinea as delegates arrive in Port Moresby for APEC Leaders Week. It will be a focus of how the country and the event has been covered by the world’s press this week.
PNG Jewelry
As Papua New Guinea (PNG ) Jewelry Exclusive seller , we are so proud for PNG people, When we get the news from our wholesaler - The 30th #APEC summit brings together world leaders from its 21 Pacific Rim member nations and is being hosted for the first time by Papua New Guinea on 17 and 18 November 2018.
I can not control myself to say WOW, APEC 2018 is in Papua New Guinea will promote PNG’s economic development , sincerely can solve slow effective bank tranfer , Exchange rate issue and other problems.
‘You’ll hear PNG officials say “we’re sick of people thinking we’re in Africa, we want to be on the map,”‘ Pryke is quoted as saying. “[APEC] is a big PR pitch and they do need to and want to diversify their economy. There’s a lot of noble ambition to what they want APEC to achieve.’

As is to be expected,more and more country will see interesting Papua New Guinea culture element, kundu, bird of paradise,turtle, limepot,dukduk,axe,k1,Lakatoi...Those are World treasure .We are proud of selling PNG-Papua New Guinea Jewelry to make Papua New Guinea culture keep forever.

Here is National bird of Papua New Guinea - bird of paradise video , Let's enjoy its beautiful :)


November 16, 2018 — junjian chen

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