Are Muslim Men NOT Allowed to Wear Gold ? One of the religious taboo of Muslim is that Men are forbidden to wear gold jewelry but for men only.

We made some data collection to find out the origin of Are Muslim Men NOT Allowed to Wear Gold, there are some sayings as below :

  • Some says ,It was Islam's prophet Mohammed that forbade Muslim men to wear gold jewelry. Because he think gold jewelry is the exclusive articles for women only. Men shouldn't imitate women in order to keep men' masculinity.
  • Another saying insists that this prohibitory regulations could make men break extravagance and dissipation, therefore curing the human nature of loving show rich off .

Whatever this ban comes from, as a professional fashion jewelry company, we provide both gold color (18k real gold plated) and sliver color (316L stainless steel) jewelry for Muslim to choose from. You can feel free to wear the silver color to show your fealty to Islam without violating the taboo.

      Here we would present some allah jewelry for Muslim men who are not allowed to wear gold.

      Islamic Muslim Allah Pendant Necklace


      Squared Allah Religious Totem Pendant Necklace

      Except aboved jewelry for Muslim men, we also recommend below with variety colors for Muslim women to pair with formal or causal outfits.

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      Renee Fulmer said:

      As an American woman I am aware of how lucky I am to be able to wear what I what
      I like when I like! I am blessed with so much freedom ! But also I have a huge responsibility! I have to teach my children that we have freedom at a cost!
      People and soldiers gave Thier lives so no one could tell me what I could and could not do! So I hope that the next time a young person is wondering what to wear or put on maybe they should think long & hard the next time they go out!

      Kathleen Phillips said:

      I don’t think the point is gotten here.
      Jewelry is not to be written at all by men.
      Exceptions would be a wedding ring, not from gold, nor a gold color tone.
      And if necessary a watch, not from real gold or gold color tone as well.

      Tarifur said:

      The issue with gold, and Islam is that we are tought to be modest in behaviour, and attire,
      Furthermore: men should not dress like a women, and women should not dress like men. To that end we should NOT wear JEWELRY, BRACELETS, GOLD RINGS, CHAINS, ETC. He is not to be beautified, and this should be marketed to women only. This has no place,and does nothing good for islam

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