Are you a Aries? Do you believe in Astrology? Today we are here to explore this mysterious leading stars: Aries Zodiac which inspired us to Design our Aries Zodiac necklace.


Do you believe in Astrology? Most people may think Astrology is nothing to do with science,but statistic shows more and more young tend to define Astrology as science which predict terrestrial events and human affairs according to the movement of celestial objects. So why Astrology existed thousands of years and still stay popular today? I think it is because it fulfilled people’s curious and desire to know the future and the unpredictable things which out of everyone’s control, and also out of our intention to know better about ourselves.

Astrology and zodiac

Though there isn’t so much evidence show the scientific basis of the personality or specific event are associate with systems of horoscopes and the position of celestial objects, but it is fun and interesting to explore the mystical Zodiac signs that fascinate people for centuries.

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First Sign Of Zodiac: Aries Zodiac

Mythology of Aries Zodiac-The Ram In The Sky

Athamas,The king of region of Boeotia in Greece Mythology, Married the daughter of neighbor king Ino due to the unhappiness of his marriage to his wife Nephele, Ino designed the rumor that only by killing Nephele son Phrixus and Daughter Helle can solved the wheat failure and gain harvest, The King Athamas going to kill his son Phrixus with readily believe, Hopefully, Nephele send a golden fleece winged Ram to save her son, Phrixus ride the ram and escaped the danger, he give the ram to Zeus and the golden fleece to King Aeëtes when he arrive in Colchis express his gratitude and then enjoyed a happy life with King Aeëtes daughter.Nephele place the ram image among the stars.
ram on fire in the sky
After Phrixus died, His Ghost come to haunt his cousin Pelias who occupied the Throne which suppose to be Jason’s. Pelias promised Jason he will return Throne back to him if he get the golden fleece from Colchis. Pelias finally steal the golden fleece successfully with the help of King Aeëtes another daughter Medea and live happy together there after.

Personality of Aries Zodiac

When talk about Aries, Leader is the first word come out of everyone’s lips, Truly, The red Mars Aries Zodiac is confident and fearless, born to be a leader and boss who love challenges and new things, the one whose voice must be heard and always stay centered and hate routine and dull things, A funny friend with loyalty and devotion, speak directly without dwelling. Aries is also a tender lover with healthy and charming physical. There are also some weakness about Aries Zodiac, Like no patience to stick to things to see it accomplish when encounter tough and long term task, the passion and enthusiasm will dry out very easily,Thought to be a little selfish,demanding and irritable Sometimes. In general, Aries Zodiac is a boss who will have unlimited success with a little effort on Persistence and calm.

beautiful picture of Aries

Love of Aries Zodiac

In my spare time, Except from the delight of seeing the prediction of what will happen in next week, I will also searching for love affairs of my Zodiac. So what will be like for the love of Aries Zodiac.

Aries zodiac

Signs An Aries Love You

Aries is a good lover who are generous, charming, interesting and passionate in bed. It is very lucky to find an Aries partner. Moreover Aries love is seemed to be more pure and simple than other zodiacs, how to tell if an Aries love you, there is one obvious sign that Aries will often tease you and challenge you or have a debating with you to call you attention and test if you are worthy or brave enough to be his girlfriend, another sign is very obvious to notice, if Aries show tenderness and kindness to you, he is definitely like you.

Aries Zodiac Necklace

We designed the Pandora treasure box: Aries Zodiac locked necklace with confident and flaunting golden color, engraved with vivid Ram surrounded by stars, the locked is designed to keep the tenderness and special picture or notes your collection. 

gold plated Aries designed locked necklace

Aries is a brave warrior leader with kind and tender heart, A lovely true friend or lover!