Bar necklace is a tricky accessory trend this year for all understated lady,The modern,chic geometric designs and versatile in matching with any outfit make bar necklace stands out of the crowed and adored by celebrities,models and social media it-girl, today we bring our top simple yet vogue customized bar necklace for you!

Why Bar Necklace So Popular?

Why bar necklace so popular among girls? I think mostly because it’s Superiority to adorn one’s beauty as a delight accessory. Horizontal bar necklace or vertical bar necklace are the most simple yet modern piece I’ve ever seen. With clear geometric corners and polished flat, bar necklace work best on modifying one’s clear-cut face, the dainty ones also lightened the hair and bring others an overall esthetic feeling.

beautiful girl wear minimalist bar necklace

The plain minimalist designed bar necklace is a perfect everyday accessory for outfit of all styles, Bar necklace is capable to go with your black, white-T, plunging deep V top or a Dannie jeans, it sure can save much time and energy on mixing and matching.

There is no doubt that versatile bar necklace is the A-list jewelry for Hollywood stars and celebrities, the well know stars like Blake Lively, Elle Fanning, Rihanna and Emma Watson are seen to sporting this trend by their red carpet and street look. Celebrities affection for bar necklace has accelerated this minimal jewel entering girls jewelry box.

Blake Lively wear colored bar necklace

celebrities wear horizontal bar necklace

Top Five Customized Bar Necklace For You

Personalized Heart Horizontal Bar Necklace

This gold plated bar necklace is a femininity piece for girl of all age, the bar is caved with a hollow heart, it is a personalized item which back and front are available for engraving and with apt chain of 18 inches long.

Personalized Heart Horizontal Bar Necklace

Customized Colored Arc Bar Necklace

Flaunting your personality and fashion statement with these post modern metallic colored Arc bar necklace.

Customized Colored Arc Bar Necklace

Classic Cuboid Bar Pendant Necklace

Bring some delight to your whole street look by stacking and laying this classic cuboid bar necklace with four sides engravable.

minimalist Cuboid Bar Pendant Necklace

Layered Engravable jewelry 

No need to buy another necklace to layered with the bar necklace, this two contains two necklace but with affordable price! You can engrave your name or special date on the bar.

Layered Bar Necklace

classic heart bar necklace

 Which one is your favorite?