Choker necklace is one of the biggest accessory trends right now, it is also the basic accessory for celebrities daily street and red carpet stylish look. Whether Wrapped in a shaggy fur coat or a simple white tee, no doubt choker will added drama to their looks. it like no other thing which completed everything. Today,we compiled an A-list of celebrities tips on wearing choker to let you have better idea on how to style your choker easily.

Black Velvet Choker-Kendall Jenner Night Out Look

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Kendall Jenner brought back the choker in every way, shape and design, but the velvet style that resigns supreme, it must will make people stop and turn heads with the black casual denim some added flair and a black silk long pants matched with a black thin velvet choker, a after-hours night style add a sexy and mystery flair to her look.

Black Velvet Choker-Gigi Hadid Cool Style

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Instead of a feminine look, Gigi Hadid rock her black velvet choker with her army green bomber jacket, such a tricky stylish skill to look cool and edgy.

Metal Choker-Talor Swift Party Look

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

You can say Talor swift is a pioneer for choker, she ever quipped that chokers may be the new flower crowns, lets see famous singer best moments with statement jewelry choker. She successfully create her Oscar party look with a pair of golden high heels and handbag. You will think she must from a post modern world.

Micro skinny choker-Kendall Jenner Sporty Look

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Chokers, a workout accessory? Evidently so. Kendall Jenner shows us it is really great to walk out a micro-skinny choker with a sporty crop top and tight leggings. you should never miss this accent work out wear.

It is very easy to imitate celebrity choker style look, you may be the focus of the Street Snap, you never know !

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