Cuban link chain is one kind of traditional but no less hip-hoppy accessory which increasingly growing in popularity these years, If you are seeking a classic piece to complete your hip hop look, Masculine and bold statement Cuban link chain is your best choice!

Why Cuban Link Chain So Popular?

Cuban link chain also called Miami Cuban link chain is one part of hip hop fashion of late 70s and 80s (older than us),that is why i say Cuban link chain is traditional. Such bold statement of Cuban link chain is the must-have head-turning jewel piece for all ages to show one’s hip hop fashion taste. It’s an unbreakable historical section of popular Hip hop culture.

jason smith wear big long cuban chain necklace

Cuban link chain classic and strong design makes it out stand of other hip hop jewelry, the solid and special tighter interlocking pattern makes a thinner one looks more sturdy and durable to hang with pendant. Today, Cuban link chain is much bigger, heavier and decorated with eye catching bling bling diamonds to make one’s voice be heard. It is also the styles and personal preferences of renowned Rappers, MC, DJ,fashion icons and celebrities not limit to DJ Khaled, Jay Z. They are all pioneers in wearing Cuban link chain for real.

Historical Cuban link chain’s agreeable design and the reputation among celebrities and Hip hop lovers make it an unquestionable hot jewelry trend for now and in the future.

18k gold plating thick Cuban bracelet

How To Pick Your Cuban Link Chain ?

There are variety Cuban link chain designs in different size, weight and material, which one will be more favorable for you?

The 18k gold plated Cuban link chain with impeccable craftsmanship will be a longstanding and valuable chains for you if you are not that much attached to solid gold investment. The beautiful finish and tighter and flat design is a worth collecting piece for all men.

It is better take size and weight into consideration, thought the weight of Cuban link chain has been refreshed to 8 kilo by rapper, it is risky to investing on a chain you can’t even hold still, it’s better to choose the lighter and suitable size according to your frequency of wearing and your garment.

Size comparison Cuban link chain

Top Selling Cuban Link Chain

Here is our top selling classic Cuban Link chain you may like.

Classic minimalist golden Cuban link chain.

classic simple Cuban link chains


Flat and chunky gold plating Cuban link chains.

chunky hip hop style Cuban link chains

Diamond cut bling bling Cuban link chain.

traditional hi hop chains Cuban link chains

Which one do you like?