Earrings is the most commonly seen accessory for all ladies and also for men since early ancient times, this historical item flourished and be made with different kind of materials,types by creators and jewelry designers. There are lots of different types of earrings in the market for us to choose, but it is better to know what are they and what types of earrings is right for our face shape before purchase, unless it will become a wrong investment.

If you don’t know which type of earrings to choose, don’t worry, we are here to back your up. Below the our collected information about different types of earrings and which suits best for your face shape.

Your Face Shape

Earrings will draw other attention to your face, so the first thing you should take into consideration when choose earrings is your face shape, One type of earrings have good effect for one face shape but turned to be contrary for another. If you don’t know what face shape you have,it’s okay, here is a Youtube video which tells a easy way to distinguish your face shape.

The best earrings work for you are the one de-emphasize the wider part of your face and bring you a balanced look, when remembering this rule, it is much easier to know what suit best for you.

Types of Earrings for Oval Shaped Face

You can wear any types of earrings you like, you can try crawler earrings, mismatched earrings, tassel earrings, geometric earrings and normal huggie and stud earrings.

Types of Earrings for Square Shaped Face

If you are square shaped face, you can soften your edges and corners with statement Hoop earrings,Tube hoops, both media size and big size are okay, keep away from any squared designs.

Hoops Earrings for Square Shaped Face

Types of Earrings for Heart & Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

Heart shaped face and inverted triangle face shape means you have a wider forehead and a sharp chin, then you just need to choose the earrings which is thin in above but heavy,wider in the bottom like chandelier, Dangle Earrings,tear drops or triangle earrings to fill in the empty spaces beside your chin.

Earrings for Heart & Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

Types of Earrings for Diamond Shaped Face

You can choose long and massive earrings like bold statement earrings to emphasize your lower half of your face.

Statement Earrings for Diamond Shaped Face

Types of Earrings for Round Shaped Face

No need to consider any round cut or round shaped earrings, Thin long threader Earrings will be your best friend.

Threader Earrings for Round Shaped Face

Types of Ear Piercings

Piercing become more and more popular among young generations, Did you get you ear pierced.We find a famous vivid Youtube Video which showed 15 types of ear piercings to let you have a better idea.Better prepared before watching, (I can feel the pain when I watch it)

What is your favorite type of earrings, stud earringshoop earrings? drop earrings? please share with us in below.