Have you picked your DIY Jewelry set for the coming Halloween? Only the costume is not enough, In fact, with a pair of accessories, it will be more flavorful!

The theme of the Halloween, it’s Ghost, death, Scary, magic, and the relevant. Common things that are associated with Halloween are ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, goblins, zombies, cockroaches, pumpkin and demons, corpses, and fictional characters.

Now Introduce Several Necessary Elements On Halloween

Element One: SKULL

Skull Bones Bracelet

Skull is regarded as a symbol of death, danger and evil in ancient civilizations, and pirates put it on the flag to threaten death. However, as the years changed, skull became an inspirational element for designers to compete for. In their hands, the unclear meaning of skull disappeared. Instead, it has won the favor of many fashion people with its personality, fun, and mysterious new temperament. It has become a symbol of this era.

Element Two: Evil Eye

Evil Eye Ring

The "Evil Eye" is mentioned together. It is a pair of eyes from the devil, with infinite evil power. Being stared will bring disaster and bad luck. Nowadays, you can wear it as an amulet and give it to those evil spirits who want to attach to you.

Element Three : Owl

The owls were messengers for sorcerers and witches, that they danced together on the graves of the dead and that if you hear the hoot of an owl, then a witch approaches. It hunted at night, and sounded like a witch it was natural that they associate the owl with Halloween.

Element Four : Black Cat


The last and the most important one is Jack-O'-Lantern


Who know the legend of it? Please share it with us, for the most wonderful one, you will have the chance to get a free punk DIY Jewelry set.

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