In the past few years,Ethical jewelry may never come to ones mind when shop a piece of jewelry, and are more preoccupied with the status brand will bring us,no matter it is eco-friendly or not. But the situation today is totally reversed, Millennials are the most "woke" eco-conscious shoppers who are concerned about their purchase and prefer to choose ethical jewelry instead of “dirty jewelry”.

We have make our effort for providing clean ethical jewelry for our customers, which is free from conflict, made from sustainable and environment friendly base materials and benefit the local communities.

What is Ethical Jewelry?

So what is exactly be the ethical jewelry? You will understand it if you have seen Leonardo Di Caprino film “blood diamond”, blood diamond is totally the opposite of ethical jewelry which is mining by the labor who’s human rights abused.

Ethical jewelry is defined as the clean jewelry which material source is sustainable and eco-friendly. Besides the assemble is environmentally friendly and from fairly paid labour who working in a healthy conditions.

Environmently Friendly Sustainable & Healthy Materials

The base metal and stones we use to make our jewelry is eco-friendly and healthy to wear.

Copper and stainless steel is the mostly used base metal to make our ethical jewelry, we all know copper is good for ones health by its Natural Antimicrobial and sustainable recycling metal. That is why we choose it as our base metal not just for its affordable price. we insist on using sustainable raw materials whenever possible, the gold we use to gild our jewelry is largely from the recycled gold.

we choose CZ and Rhinestone as the substitution of conflict diamond for its high quality and similar look, affordable for every girl.

muddy hand of labor holding diamond

colorful CZ stud earrings and necklace
To raise public awareness of coral conversation, we have launched our synthetic coral beads jewelry collection which are made from lab created environmentally friendly materials instead of real coral.

necklace made from crystal and synthetic coral beads

Yet we still have so much need to be improved, we never stop our step on working on providing more eco-friendly ethical jewelry for all.

Respect Human Rights

You can never call your jewelry a loved piece if it is based on others agony, nor will it bring people happiness but guilty.

Right from the start ,we aimed to provide love jewelry pieces to all, just like our brand name U7-love your seven days a week.

We respect human rights and restrict with our workers healthy working environment, we insure no child labor and workers all with advanced wages. We also provide our aid for worker who need help.

Here is U7 brand video which shows the clean and safe working condition for our workers.

Buying a piece of ethical jewelry is another modern way to say no to environment damage and human rights abuse. So why not choose one beautiful piece which is as clean and clear as your conscious ?

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