In the past two decades, jewelry has been the most explosive of all luxury categories, despite the complexity of the production chain and the pandemic. U7 Jewelry was founded with a vision to create the world's most graceful jewelry that honors the biggest moments in your life. Want to celebrate your greatest achievements and milestones?


Your moments make you who you are and tell your story. U7 Jewelry has commemorated every moment, big or small, because we know that every moment matters. Today we are happy to announce we have helped over thousands of people light up their daily look! Time to help you cherish, remember and appreciate each moment. We appreciate it for allowing us to be a part of your journey.


When it comes to your life, the beginning of next month will be the time to share your feelings boldly. Whether it’s communicating to your partner about what matters to you or making your first step. You’ll feel a string of emotions and sharing them will be super awarding. 


As a sensitive sign, we know that you will go to great lengths for the people around you. But next month takes time to create healthier boundaries with those in your life. It will help prioritize spending time on yourself. And you definitely need a little more concern this month. Hope that U7 Jewelry will give you an extra bit of courage to communicate your feelings and set those boundaries.


As celestial motifs have such a long and powerful history in jewelry design I feel confident in making a bet that zodiac inspired jewelry is here to stay. The timelessness of stars and constellations will ensure your jewelry pieces never feel out of style. There are so many reasons to wear celestial jewelry. In the forthcoming month, wearing the jewelry will bring you confidence and courage to face the challenge brought by the cruel life. Have you found the sign can speak your style?


Embrace your inner queen and beauty by wearing the birth month around your neck. This piece features 12 kinds of glowing birth month flowers. Also a necklace comes with an exclusive birthstone which can stand for the personality of a unique wearer. Totally personalized necklaces can add your text to make it personal. Reward your beauty with this versatile piece.

April 20, 2022 — junjian chen

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