You got used to see the gold of yellow color. This is a standard appearance of the precious metal. However, there are also jewelry pieces which color may really shock and impress us ! The green tint belongs to these unusual colors. So, what is the green gold?

Green gold: is it real?

Historical reference

Due to the archeologists’ researches, the home land of green metal is Crete Island. The first greenish gold came to us in I century BC. Moreover, it received its name at that time. The latter came to our times and nowadays sounds as electrum.

Electrum is represented by the mix of gold, cuprum and silver. At the same time, the amount of last two metals is less in the nuggets. The silver comprises only 10-40% of the total alloy composition.

There are ancient pieces from green gold which have been preserved to this day. These pieces are coins (another name – staters) of Croesus king ring. The coins are made of green gold that features the yellow tint.   

Green gold

Composition, characteristics and properties

Due to the ratio of main gold and separate components in the metal composition, it is possible to obtain the different gold colors. Therefore, the green gold may feature numerous green tints, in particular:

  • 73-75% of pure gold and 25-27% of silver. This is the most qualitative alloy with the obscure yellow-green color that shimmers in the light. If the content of silver is only 25%, the metal will be very soft and remind the electrum most of all;
  • 75% of gold, 23% of copper and 2% of cadmium. The allow color is light green;
  • 75% of gold, 15% of silver, 6% of copper and 4% of cadmium. This alloy is of dark green color.

Despite the incredible appearance, that is unordinary for people, as well as the charming beauty, the green gold may harm the human body. Thus, the jewels from the green gold are dangerous for people. Such danger does not take place immediately, but with the course of time as the cadmium is accumulated in the body. In addition to toxicity, this metal is very fragile because it contains the rubidium.

green gold bracelets

Generally, the main characteristics of green gold are as follows:

  • Fragility;
  • Porous structure that easily crushes;
  • Difficult processing.

Probe and authenticity checking

The green gold has two probes – 585 and 750. They are both applicable in the jewelry industry. At the same time, 585 probe is only used for jewelry production and 750 may be additionally applied in the course of the promotional gifts manufacturing.

If you want to check the purity of this metal – visit the expert. On the other hand, there are methods which help you check the metal quality at home. At first, it is necessary to find the stamp with the probe number – 585 or 750. Then, carefully check the joints. If the jewelry is fake, the gilding will be worn in the area closer to the joints. Moreover, the authenticity may be also checked with the help of magnet that doesn’t reacts to the magnetic field of the real gold.

Green gold price

Nowadays, the green gold is rare, but very popular metal. It is still very popular among the representative of fair sex, who adore the unusual jewels. But, it is not so easy to buy the green jewelry piece in the shop.

It is a common practice to order the green jewel in catalogues of famous jewelry houses. However, the picture from magazine cannot convey all beauty of the item.

In comparison with other precious metals, the price of green gold is the highest one because of its extravagance, rarity and fashion. Generally, one gram of green gold costs for about 100 US dollars.   

Finally, it is necessary to admit that green gold may be used for the production of rings, bracelets, earrings, chains etc. Usually, the jewels from green gold are decorated with the stones of similar color .  

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