It is a great and lovely tradition for couples to exchange wedding rings on their wedding day which tradition dates back to ancient times when the wedding ring start to be considered as the commitment and infinite love for each other. It is interesting to know the history of wedding ring and I have been reading about it for couple of month and would love to share with you.

It is believed that wedding ring was first used in ancient Egypt since the historical relic shows the evidence that braided rings of hemp or reeds were exchanged between spouses in ancient Egypt 6000 years ago. The wedding ring is a designed as a circle with no end and no beginning which defined as eternity and unending love, the opens thought to be a gate to a world unknown.

Interesting Wedding Rings Throughout History

History of Wedding Ring-Puzzle Rings

I think the most interesting and comprehensive wedding ring is Puzzle ring which won in Middle East centuries ago to test the faithfulness of wives, Several rings is specially docking to each other and hard to be put back together as a cohesive band once be taken off.

puzzle ring

History of Wedding Ring-Gimmel Rings

Gimmel Rings was very popular in 17th century in Europe, Just like the puzzle rings, two or three hoops fit to each other to form a cohesive ring, which symbolized the joining of two people.

gimmel ring

History of Wedding Ring-Posy Rings

Posy rings was a type of ring engraved with poem during the Renaissance era, For me,it is the most romantic type of wedding ring. Nowadays, people engrave the special and sweet words or dates inside the ring to express love and hope for each other.

posy ring

History of Wedding Ring-Modern Wedding Ring

History of Wedding Ring-Eternity Ring

Eternity ring is the ring that paved with all matched gems.

Eternity Ring

History of Wedding Ring-Wedding Band

The simplistic and common seen wedding ring is the wedding band, usually made of solid metal, a timeless rings won by most couples.

gold plated wedding band for wedding

History of Wedding Ring-Color Stones and Diamond Ring

Some people are prefer not to follow the traditions, they choose to wear color gemstones or diamond, it is very popular among celebrities. Victoria Beckham wear colored stone and gemstone wedding ring

History of Wedding Ring-Why the Fourth Finger of Left Hand

Almost people from all the countries are wearing wedding ring on the the Fourth Finger of Left Hand(Ring finger). Why? The culture is origin from ancient Egyptians who believe the fourth finger of left hand held a special vein directly connected to heart, then accepted and submerged in other European cultures. Another practical reason is that we used to do chores with our right hand, the suitable size fourth finger of left hand seems Suitable for wedding ring that can avoid scratch and abrasion.

A friend of mine told me a interest trick that better explained why the ring finger, you can try it: Bend you middle finger and press all your fingers face to each other, all fingers can be apart except the Fourth Finger.

a trick explain why wear wedding ring on the fourth finger
Interestingly, even today, many countries like Russia,Germany,Norway,Greece, Bulgaria,Austria people are wear wedding ring on the right hand, In Jewish tradition, wedding ring should won on the point finger of right hand.

History of Wedding Ring-New Traditions

Nowadays, people started to create new traditions in their wedding, Young generations are choosing a eco-friendly way not wearing a wedding ring or choose some less pricey metals like gold plated wedding rings or recycle gemstones to create their own traditions.

Which wedding ring will you choose for your wedding, share with us.