18K Gold Plated Jewelry often gets exposed to dirt, sweat, mud and many more unwanted particles. This occurs when they fall off, you sweat or even fall. This means that they will require cleaning. It is very easy to clean off the dirt.

However, this calls for carefulness during cleaning. The pieces are delicate so one has to avoid damaging the plating which would lead to the jewelry looking less appealing. You will need the following during the cleaning process;

  • Toothpaste or baking soda
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Clean look warm water
  • Dry soft cloth


Follow these steps:

Step 1: Put either toothpaste or baking soda on the brush. The tooth brush bristles will help in penetrating up to complex grooves on jewelry. Scrub the jewelry using the toothbrush. The grey or black color is the dirt coming off the pieces so do not worry.

Step 2: Rinse off the jewelry with the clean look warm water. Use the toothbrush where necessary.

Step 3: using the dry soft cloth, wrap the jewelry piece and rub gently using your fingers.

Step 4: Buff the jewelry gently using he driest part of the soft cloth to get rid of any dull or water spots. This will leave the jewelry piece shiny and attractive.