A gold chain is a timeless jewelry accessory will never go out of style. A stunning and shiny gold chain should be a must-have accessory to everyone’s jewelry collection. It can be worn alone with any casual or formal attires, layered with other necklaces or even with your favorite pendant.Below we are going to list several trendy types of gold chains of which you are sure to find one with your own style.

Trendy Gold Chain Types

1. Curb Gold Chain 

Curb chains, also called Cuban link chain, a punk Hiphop style chains with masculine touch, top choice for men. 

 Bling Cubic Zirconia Ice Out Miami Cuban Chain

2. Figaro Gold Chain

A simple but fancy type of gold chains for both men and women consisting of an alternating pattern of flattened links in different sizes.

3. Rope Chain

Rope chains, patterns twisted to create an appearance of a genuine rope. Durable type of gold chain, always perfect for wearing with a pendant as well as wearing alone.

4. Anchor/Mariner Gold Chain

A gold chain like it is attached to an anchor. Available in a wide range of widths. Ideal choice for both men and women fond of the sea.

5. Cable Gold Chain

Chic basic types of gold chain consisting of a series of identical oval links. Eye-catching piece perfect for pairing with any types of pendant and charm.

6. Foxtail Chain

Unique, twisted design woven foxtail chain adds a stylish cool touch to your look.

7. Snake Chain

Smooth and sleek gold chain made of a serious of smooth plates or bands, can be worn with any pendants to provide a delicate and elegant touch.

18K Gold Plated Cool Chic Snake Gold Chain For Men
8. Box Chain

Unique square links smooth gold chain for men and women, durable and strong jewelry option match well with pendants and or lay nicely.

Why Do Your Gold Chains Need Cleaning?

You may have bought one or more of the above shiny gold chains and would like to wear them every day everywhere. However, you will be disappointed because the gold chain will lose its luster and look dull, or even get green to stain your skin as time goes by. As we known, pure gold, also called 24K gold, is a very soft metal. The gold jewelry you see and wear is a type of gold alloy or gold plated piece with brass, copper or stainless steel as base metals for better durability, which is normal to turn dim with dust caused by body oil, makeups, sweat, lotion over time.

A sparkling chain adds a stylish tone to your look and makes you stand out in the crown. Hence it is of great importance to clean gold chains in right ways. How do you clean gold chains properly and what should you pay attentions to? We are going to share with you our ideas on this topic.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gold Chains?

If you would like our gold chains keep shiny yearlong. It is recommended to clean every few weeks. More cleaning is necessary if you wear it often or your gold jewelry piece has been exposed to some chemicals like alcohol, chlorine, acids.

Simple Ways To Clean Your Gold Chains

Gold is a soft metal and is prone to scratching, when we clean the gold jewelry, we need to follow some proper tips. Here are some methods to clean gold chains correctly for you.

Method 1: Clean with Lukewarm Water and Solution

Clean Gold Chain With Warm Water-Soft Cloth

Gently wipe your gold chains with a microfiber cloth after wearing. Prepare a small bowl, fill it with some mild dishwashing detergent and baking soda, add and mix them with some warm water(make sure the water is room temperature or warmer as hot water will destroy the jewelry). Immerse and soak the gold chains in the sudsy water for about 10 minutes and then lightly scrub the entire gold chains with a wet soft cloth or a soft toothbrush(Do not use hard brush as it will get your chain scratched). After you finish cleaning the whole chain, rinse it with warm water then place your gold chain onto a Microfiber cloth or a soft cloth, gently pat it until it is dry.  Store it in a dry silk pouch without other jewelry piece to avoid scratching.

Method 2: Clean with Beer

Clean Gold Chain Necklace With Beer

Beer can help the gold chains look sparkly. You do not have to put your gold chain in the beer to clean it. Just pour a bit beer onto a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth, lightly scrub and rub with the soft cloth or a microfiber cloth until you see the the gold chain is back to its original luster.

Method 3: Clean with Toothpaste

Clean Gold Chains with Toothpaste and Soft Cloth

Cleaning a gold chain with toothpaste is a much more convenient and adorable way. Use a soft wet toothbrush with a bit spot of toothpaste, lightly rub and brush your gold chains for about 5 minutes then rinse with warm water and dry with soft cloth.

Method 4: Clean with a Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you think it takes too much time to clean the gold chain on your own, an ultrasonic cleaner would be your good choice. You can just put your gold chains inside the machine, set the mode, it will help to clean automatically. However, the ultrasonic cleaner can be only better choice for thick chains. It would be better to consult with a jeweler before you buy or use it in case it damages your chains the other way around.

Method 5: Visiting a Jeweler

The above methods would be convenient ways we can do at home. However, when you have any doubts or difficulties in cleaning your gold chains, consulting with a jeweler would be much more professional. The jeweler can suggest proper cleaning procedures depending on different types of the metal of the chain.

What Should You Avoid When Cleaning Gold Chains?

When cleaning your gold chains, keep in mind that soap, bleach and chlorine need to be avoided and kept away. As soap will easily damage your gold chains for unknown ingredients or substances coming with while bleach and chlorine will react violently to metals causing structural damage only if your gold chain is pure gold.

You Need to Take Care of Your Gold Chains

Not only regular cleaning is important, preventing gold chains from getting dull is also vital. Here we share some practical tips:

  • Keep gold chains clean and dry. Store your gold chains in a silk pouch.
  • Avoid chemicals such as perfume, makeup, lotions, hair products.
  • Do not wear while gardening, bathing, swimming or exercising.

Always follow the instructions outlined in this article, your gold chains would be shining bright for years to come. Wear some pieces of gold chains with your favorite pendant or for layering to your pleasant party, prom, date, performance or any other occasions or surprise your beloved with the gift of gold chains!