Did you ever fall into a trouble to preparing some THANKSGIVING gifts for your family members? The trouble has nothing with the money, but the value. The Gift should show your love and heart to your family members who are your favorite persons in the world.

Here are some ideas for you. Hope they can give you a little bit inspiration.

Firstly, clear your role in your family.

Secondly, clear their hobby

Thirdly: The last and the most important one, you should know what they really want to get from you. ( the real things they want, maybe, they never directly expressed)

Then now let’s choose a family Jewelry set as an example.

Roles in a family and General characteristics:


Grandfather & Grandmother: Enjoy a warm companionship

They have traveled For most of their life, the treasures they left are the their children and memories. The things they really want is a warm companionship. But they also know that children are busy with life and working. They can’t bear to put another pressure on their sweethearts.

A Family photo locket pendant necklace will be a good choice. You will always Besides them and on their hearts.

Engravable Photo Necklace

Squared Cross Locket

Father & Mother: Children are healthy and work well, careless for themselves 

We always know they are there no matter what happens. We care about all their details.
A feedback & meaningful words will be the best surprise.

Mom Baby Hand In Hand Pendant Necklace

Name Cufflinks No.1 Dad Letter Cuff Buttons

Sister & brother: Disclose & Encouraging

They are the ones may know me than myself. we have the Common cognition and used to sharing happy, unhappy things, seeking some advice. Some encouraging words are always a good choice.

Name Necklace Customize Signature Necklace

Customized Dog Tag Necklace

Husband & wife: Sharing & Understanding

A couple ring or sets can pass on all your words.

Couple Band Rings

 Cat & Fish Love Necklace

Son & Daughter : Their Interests at present

The fashion and creative ones will be more popular with them.

 Engraving Layered Cross Bar Necklace

Full Iced Out Chain 1 Row Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace

Any other ideas for the coming thanksgiving’s gift? Sharing with us at below comment.


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