The way of ring stacking is a fashion, not a non-mainstream way. In western countries, stacking engagement rings and wedding rings on the finger of the left hand has become a very fashionable way to wear rings, including many royal nobles who have the habit of stacking rings set.

How to stack the rings fashionably? U7 teaches you how to stack your rings to look trendy.​​

U7 stacking rings set

Choose a single-piece ring for stacking styles

Some rings on the market are sold as stacked sets, but one or two pieces will always disappear inexplicably, resulting in a bad point in the overall match. Therefore, a single-piece ring with a stacking style is a good choice. You don’t have to rack your brains to think about the combination of stacking, and it is also very convenient to store, and there will be no missing single items.​​


Choose rings of the same material with different styles

It is not necessary to wear a ring on every finger in daily stacking. It is possible to stack two rings of the same material but different styles on the finger, and it will not be so high-profile. Rings of the same material look extremely harmonious, and it is also important that one of them has a shiny center stone, making the overall match not monotonous and quite eye-catching.


Choose a main ring to wear with stacking

When you have multiple single-piece rings with center stones, choose a larger center stone with prominent material as the protagonist of the stack, which can be a large pearl or a shiny white moonstone. This type of stacking style is a good choice. The main stones of different sizes make your stacking full of fashion sense, and a bright protagonist will easily make others find the focus.​​

 U7 Moonstone Ring


Choose rings of the same style but in a variety of colors

When you're planning to choose identical pieces to stack, be sure to choose rings that are rich in color. Rings of the same style in a single color can make the overall outfit look monotonous. The multi-colored ring will make the overall match colorful, the same shape will not make the color messy. It adds beauty to your color without breaking the overall ladylike style.​​
U7 minimalist rings set

Wearing one ring on the finger will inevitably feel monotonous, but multiple rings will have unexpected visual effects. Have a t ry on ring stacking style, and if you don't have any ring sets, it's now available at the U7 Jewelry store.