Before discussing is 18k Gold Plated Jewelry good ? we would explain what it is .18k gold plated jewelry which also called 18KGP, is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold on environmental friendly brass , stainless steel or others base compound. K means it content of gold which 18 K gold is containing 75% gold .

Because gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold , its quality depends on how thick the 18K gold plating is. Some sellers like U7 jewelry will plate 3 or more layers of real gold which is typically 10 karats or higher. Kingice has a 5 layer thicker 18k real gold.

Reasons for plating multiple layers;

  1. For durability
  2. To comply withEUenvironmental standards
  3. To preserve quality and their elegant look.

    18k Gold Plated Big Chunky Chain

    Being the most popular kind of fashion jewelry , it’s no doubt that 18k gold plated jewelry is good. Its advantages are as below:

    1. 18k gold plated jewelry is much cheaper than solid gold.
    2. 18k gold plated jewelry is plated on hard material,so it is good to designed for many style and shaped.
    3. 18k gold plated jewelry is good to enhance personal charm. Because it is cheap and its various styles,you can wear different 18k gold jewelry on different occasion and using different jewelry to match your clothes every day.

    In conclusion ,18k gold plated jewelry is good in both quality and value if u love to wear gold color jewelry,18K gold plated jewelry will make u stylish and changeable .

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    Shaun Lloyd said:

    My question is being as though it’s plated it will rust or tarnish eventually correct? Like if I go in the water with it the wetness of the water eventually will rust or tarnish correct?

    stephanie neo said:

    is it pawnable?

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