Jewelry of Africa is one kind of unique outcome of the Africa cultural and its long history which embodied with hope, beliefs and wisdom of Africa people. The African jewelry we see today are the Inheritance of past achievements which reflected the beauty of nature and definitely worth collecting.

So today we introduce some typical and historical jewelry of Africa and along with our top picks Jewelry of Africa collection for you.

Jewelry of Africa-Coral Beads Jewelry

In 1506 Portuguese navigator and explorer Duarte Pacheco showed us how important rare and beautiful coral beads means to Africans by explained that local African along the "gold coast" of Ghana are eager to trade gold with coral beads. And women in Ghana all are wearing coral beads to indicate her marital status. Coral beads jewelry also won by royalties and Nobles in West African Kingdoms to show their wealth and rank.

Today a lot a charm necklace and bracelets are made of polished,rich and colorful beads inspired by Jewelry of Africa. A piece of nature gift for all.

Top Picks of Jewelry of Africa-Coral Beads Jewelry

African style coral beads necklace

Jewelry of Africa-Turquoise jewelry

One of the most popular gemstone jewelry of Africa is turquoise jewelry, The gems has long been used for making beads,pendants and small sculptures for over 2000 years in northern Africa. Precious and semi precious, new or antique gemstone jewelry are highly valued and in a potential demands in today’s jewelry market.

Turquoise necklace is one kind of jewelry of Africa which wildly welcomed as great costume jewelry to bring a refreshment to ones evening dress in big parties and occasions.

Top Picks of Jewelry of Africa-Turquoise Jewelry Collection

African style Turquois necklace

Jewelry of Africa-Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is another type of jewelry of Africa which symbolizing status and wealth and adored by African Ethnic groups, which often wear by kings and the elite and even served as a means of exchange. In ancient Egyptians, gold jewelry has been made into amulets to protect them form evil spirit and buried together with their rulers because they think gold jewelry will be useful in the afterlife.

The common seen Jewelry of Africa gold jewelry we see in the market is real gold plated jewelry, it win wins most people heart with its affordable price and simulated gold color.

Top Picks of Jewelry of Africa-Gold Plated Necklace Set

African style gold plated necklace set for wedding

Won a piece of jewelry of Africa is like own a world of historical and mysterious culture from an ancient wonderland. why let this natural beauty slip? Get one piece for yourself.