What is Brooch? I have a vivid memory of my grandma brooch collection,I never see my grandma go out without wearing a brooch and it seems a basic piece as important as make up for her. I think it is fun to know more about this antique and classic jewel which is welcomed by three generations.

Brooch Meaning?

Needless to say,It is a historical piece used by Romans,Greeks and Celts since the Bronze Age. Brooch is one kind of historical statement decorated jewel with a metal wire on the back which attached to neckline of clothing,waistband,belt or pined to hat or a scarf. sometimes serve as a fastening clips, yet most time used to flattering ornament. Brooches usually made of metals like gold,silver, bronze or copper adorned with gemstones or enamel.

Brooch Meaning?-What is The Difference Between A Pin And A Brooch

I believed you must remember“hunger games” Mockingjay pin, so what is the difference between a pin and a brooch, i have to say, brooch is one kind of pin, while pin are less informal to fasten cloth, it is more creative in design and ways of wearing, it is a functional statement piece for one to add light up garment or as a way of expression.

mockingjay pin of the movie hunger games

Brooch Meaning? -Value Of Brooch

Self Expression

Except from its charm in fashion,the intricacies of brooch is a Obscure way of self expression. Madeleine Albright ( Former U.S. Secretary of State 1997-2001) is one of confident lady i know who successfully use it as her self expression of political standpoint and opinions, all brooches she wear in world meeting with national leaders consist one piece of history and well preserved in Museum.


Collecting vintage artistic beautiful designed brooch is a hot hobby by all age today, From precious metal to costume brooch, all are fascinate yet rare for collectors.

Brooch Meaning?-The Controversy Blackamoor Brooch

When wear a brooch, it is better to avoid the fashion faux pas.the complex history of Blackamoor jewel which origin from Venice and is considered have racist connotations.

The wife of Prince Michael of Kent was accused of Racial discrimination of worn a blackamoor Brooch at Buckingham Palace last year, which has provoked anger from public.Even earlier, D&G was accused of showing Blackamoor inspired earrings in their Spring 2013 collection. So it is better not to wearing it to avoid offending others.

a blackamoor inspired brooch

Brooch Meaning?-Modern Trendy Brooch

Maxi Brooch is back on runway of Dries Van Noten, Marni, Oscar de la Renta, it is modern and eye catching when fastened on fall winter outwear. Except from maxi statement type, animal,insects designed and natural plant inspired brooch also keep an unshakable status among fashion icons.

insects brooch Swallow brooch and leaf brooch

What vintage brooch have you collected, share with us!