Accessories are essential to any daily outfit and since it may seem easier to pop on a couple of rings or a dangly bracelet, more daring fashion enthusiasts may want to go for an anklet. But most people may know where to start, including if there is a specific ankle you should wear your anklet. What does it mean to wear an anklet digging into this new category of accessory can be very intimidating but worry not–anklet etiquette isn’t that complicated.


Anklet bracelets, also called anklets, are extremely trendy around the globe. As one of the oldest accessories around, this type of jewelry has gained various meanings, which differ depending on the region or culture. So,why do you want to wear the anklet?

What Is an Anklet?

If you need a refresher, an anklet is no doubt your best choice! Many standard bracelets can be worn as anklets, assuming that the sizing is correct. Your bracelet size and anklet size is more than likely not going to be the same, in the majority of cases, you will need a larger size anklet than you will a bracelet.

While there are all kinds of different anklets out there, the most popular styles tend to be simple chains that feature a single charm or pendant. Given the location on the ankle, more dainty styles are more difficult to wear. However, don’t let that stop you! If you can fit the bracelet on your ankle, it’s absolutely an anklet!

Ankle bracelets, just like any other piece of jewelry, have been worn since ancient times. Their origins can date from as far back as 6,000 BC. Artifacts belonging to women indicated that they might have worn ankle bracelets. Many artifacts were found in hidden Sumerian tombs from ancient periods. Early anklets were made of materials like bone and stones, and naturally occurring precious metals. Anklets were worn for beauty purposes and to indicate social status and rank.

According to the rituals, new brides were also gifted with ankle bracelets that symbolized a fruitful and happy marriage. Besides, young Indian girls who were yet to be married wore anklets to show their beauty and pride.


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Why Does People Wear an Anklet?

Much as the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger in that way it can express its owner's marital status, the anklets were also once gifted to the bride by the groom as a symbol of love and the wish to become her official husband. The women wearing anklets on their right ankles were regarded as girls.


The meaning of ankle bracelets varies from culture to culture, with differences based on colour and design. Each of these anklet types are significant, which also differs depending on which foot you wear it on.

Choosing the Proper Anklet

One of the main questions people seem to have about wearing anklet bracelets is wondering which ankle to wear the anklet on. This is a common question people wonder about for several different jewelry pieces. There is some discussion about the anklet bracelet as well. Anklets were also once a gift given by the groom to the bride. Wearing the anklet on the right ankle symbolizes those girls being called girls.

Which Ankle Is Important for You To Wear an Anklet On?

In the era we live in today, there are very few people who will bother themselves with whether or not your anklet placement is offensive. So long as you aren’t wearing anklets or wearing noisy anklets in quiet or professional occasions, you can wear these gorgeous little marvels.

To some, wearing an anklet on your right ankle could prove that you are in an exclusive relationship. It will also tell those looking for it that you’re happy in your relationship and are not interested in being approached by others or interested in intimate relations.

An anklet on the right ankle could mean that you are single and searching. If, however, a married person wears an anklet on their right foot, maybe it is a hint that they are open to having improper relations. Alternatively, there are four kinds of anklets, including name anklets, letter anklets, heart anklets and other anklets.

When someone wears an anklet on their right foot, in the meantime, they are single and have no lover.

The Meaning of Ankle Bracelet

As you already know, anklets today have spread to western culture and are worn by people across the world. While some traditions remain in places like India, where women still usually wear an anklet as part of their daily habits, they are not as closely associated with these traditions and meanings.

Things have certainly changed, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any modern elements associated with ankle bracelets. In particular, some people believe that there is a difference if you wear an anklet on either one of your ankles.

Overall, in western culture, the modern-day meaning is pretty much the same as a bracelet or other piece of jewellery–it’s an accessory that some people like to wear, and that’s it! If you are interested in wearing an anklet, you shouldn’t feel worried about what message you might be trying to send.


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Dating back centuries, anklets did have special meanings. One of ways to symbolize marriage in India is to wear an ankle bracelet. Of course, they were worn to show off your social status, while today people wear almost any other type of jewelry, because they want to show their confidence.

In terms of popularity, anklets might never go out of style. Since summer is around the corner, why don’t you try out an anklet to adorn you daily look? If we’re honest, all of this is relatively unimportant. The significant thing about picking out your daily outfit is that you look and feel great in it. As long as your accessorizing doesn’t put you or others in a comfortable area, wear your charms with pride and courage.

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