Our Enterprise – U7 Jewelry

KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC., an advanced jewelry factory more than 10 years which is committed to fashion jewelry industry. We keep up with global Jewelry trends and sell necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet, anklet, garment accessories etc which feature local cultures,based on material brass,316L stainless steel, combined with top grade cubic zirconia, rhinestone crystal etc. Professional team , unique product designs, principles and persistent company ethos make KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC. expanded into a comprehensive line that ranges widely throughout US, UK, RU,etc.



Professional Team

KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC. has a team of professional R & D department who follow the latest fashion jewelry trends and never miss a major fashion jewelry show.

At the same time, our quality inspection departments work on production front lines and products get inspected by our quality assurance specialists to assure you receive the best possible product, free from scratches, damaged links or ruined clasps .

We have a passionate and professional service team, assuring you of our best services at all times. For a better purchase experience, we set up overseas warehouses in many countries include US, UK and RU and provide best shipping & return policy .

Product Design Principles 

KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC. embraces unique product design principles. All products strives to achieve the perfect balance of displaying natural material, love of nature, pursuit of elegance and fashion. For every piece of fashion jewelry and accessory designed, there is an artful blend of international inspirations and local characteristics. Such as, U.S themed jewelry, hiphop jewelry, religious jewelry , animal jewelry, sports jewelry ,etc. All Jewelry comply with EU environmental standards and passed quality verified by international institution SGS.

U7® , a jewelry brand owned by KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC. which has built a reputation in many countries by now , is committed to promoting these quality fashion jewelry in the world and making our products available to you.



Enterprise Ethos 

KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC. strive for a world-class enterprise , we believed quality is the foundation of enterprise's development ,customer’s smile is best return ! We committed to each piece of jewelry full of love. Just like jewelry brand owned by KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC ’s slogan U7®-Love U 7 Days A Week !



United States Company: KUSHILAN JEWELRY INC.

Address: 8 The Green Suite #6182 Dover, DE 19901 United States

China Company: Zhongshanshi Kushilan Jewellery .LTD

Factory Address : (Across From Leyan Kindergarten) Langwang Shiling Road, Minzhong Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province,China