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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews

      Does not scratch at all! It’s heavy af though! Fr gets your neck sore 😂 bad ass in black! People always wanna touch it love it

      Impala Boy

      5 stars. Shiny, heavy and gold looks real. Doesn't seem to fade or rub off at all even after wearing it daily at work and sweating on it. Still looks new months later


      When I wore it and showed it my friends they thought it was an expensive chain.This chain was great and the stainless steel is smooth and does not give any cuts around the neck even when you sleep. Yeah, It was a bit heavy but can easily get used to it. It came in a nice packing with a mini bag. Am a skinny guy but 13mm width was something that gives a good manly look. I got a 22 inch long chain. It is a plain stainless steel chain which was good on both dark and light colors unlike gold, which may suit only few people depending on their skin tone, But this was even good on my friends. It had a good shine in the sunlight like not too much shine, so it does not appear fake. I will give a full thumbs up.

      Victoria Barnes

      I'm happy with the quality and wearability of this product, it actually looks like a quality piece of jewelry.

      Teresa S.

      Grandson loved it