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      Cross Necklaces

      Celebrate and honor your faith with U7 engravable cross necklaces, we have a gorgeous collection of cross necklaces for both men and women available in various styles and materials, which also enable you to achieve a stylish look when you pair them with any outfits. Choose from a color or material like18K gold plated cross necklace, cubic zircon cross necklace, Rhinestones cross necklace, you are sure to find one suits your personal style and budget. 

      U7 Jewelry Personalized Cross Necklaces

      Most of our unique cross necklaces are engravable. You can design the cross necklaces by engraving with any information such as date, name, quotes or even some emojis or you can even add some short messages on the cross pendant to express your faith. 

      Choosing a Cross Necklace Type

      1.Crucifix Cross Necklace

      Made of high polished hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver, this crucifix cross necklace is safe to wear, ideal for ones with sensitive skin. You'll love this special cross necklace because of its free engraving on the back side.

      The Ankh, a symbol of life and wisdom. Wearing this ankh cross necklace ca represent the eternal life of the Egyptian gods or of the sacrifice Jesus Christ. Same as the above cross necklaces, this piece is engravable. 

      2.Egyptian Ankh Cross Necklace

      3. Angel Wing Cross Necklace

      High polished simple and dainty cross necklace with Angel wing,shiny and elegant for any occasions for daily wear. You can design your own cross necklace by engraving information on the back side. You are sure to catch people's eyes with this cross necklace.

      This high polished two tone Celtic Knot cross necklace for women in 925 Sterling Silver is timeless and dainty for daily wear. You will of course fall in love with this sparkling and unique cross necklace with a heart in the center.

      4.Celtic Knot Cross Necklace

      5. Cross Necklace with Bible Verse

      Lord’s Bible Verse engraved on the front side of this cross necklace makes you feel more closed to the God. The back side can be also engraved with other messages to make this cross necklace more special. Available in colors of 18k gold plated, black plated and 316l stainless steel.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What can wearing a cross necklaces represent?

      A cross pendant is a symbol of Christianity, a cross remind the Christians love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Aside from its spiritual feather, cross necklaces are also a timeless jewelry trend never out of date.

      Can non-Christians wear a cross necklace?

      Cross is a religious symbol to express one’s faith towards the religion of Christianity. It is a Christian symbol to recall the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who sacrificed for humankind salvation. Cross necklaces are often worn by Christians, however,cross necklaces have become a stylish fashion statement thanks to its trendy and stylish look and also worn by non-Christians.

      Different types of cross necklaces

      We all know that a cross comes in a rather simple shape. 2 bars cross themselves in half. But actually there are many other kinds of crosses, they are: Latin Cross, Greek Cross, Ankh Cross, Crucifix Cross, St. Peter’s Cross, Celtic Cross. For more information, you can browse our blog Is it Okay For Non-Christians to Wear a Cross Necklace?

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