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      U7 Jewelry Rewards Program

      Hello and welcome to U7 Jewelry Rewards Program! We are happy to share a fun and easy way to earn points on your purchases. Engage with us on social media, refer friends or create a store account to earn points. Let's celebrate your birthday together with bonus points!

      How It Works?

      One click on the yellow Rewards Program Button on the bottom left of your screen to get started.  Earning points  is easy and you can earn points in many ways. You will receive 50 points for creating your new account and will get 15% off coupon for your first order. 


      Sign up

      Get 50 Points & 15% off for first order


      1 Point for Every $1 spent

      Follow on Facebook

      10 points

      Share on Facebook

      10 points

      Follow on Twitter

      10 points

      Follow on Instagram

      10 points

      Celebrate a birthday

      100 points

      How to Redeem My Points? 

      Just click on the yellow Rewards Program Button then go to the part of Ways to Redeem. You can redeem your reward according to your earnt points:

      *100 points= $5 off coupon
      *150 points= $8 off coupon
      *200 points= $12 off coupon

      How to Use the Coupon?

      After you redeem your points for the coupon, you will get the code for the according coupon, just fill in the code at checkout to redeem the coupon.