Honourable customer, firstly thanks for your visit on U7 Jewelry store. 

Shopping is easy here, follow several simple steps:

About how to place an order

1. Create account from here, https://www.u7jewelry.com/account/register

2. U will receive an email about" Customer account confirmation" .

3. Visit our store, choose the item you like, click " add to cart" button to collect items to you shopping cart

4. View your shopping cart, click " check out".


About how pay order:

1. Follwing above steps,after click "Check out" ,choose the payment method you like to pay it. We have 2 payment method. credit cart and paypal.


2. If u have discount code, u can put discount code and can enjoy discount:)


And then, follow the steps ,u will complete your order quickly.pls don't worry, we will inform u when your order shipped :) 

Any other problem pls contact us freely. 

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