Is 18K gold plated jewelry worth anything? This is a question people often ask when they are shoping online. Some customers even wonder to know if 18K gold plated jewelry is pawnable or how much 18K gold plated worth. In this article, we will give you an answer to this question. Just read on and you will find the answer!

What is 18K Gold Plated?

It is normal we will see some terms such as 10k,  14k, 18k, 14k gold plated, 18k gold plated when we are browsing some jewelry sites or shopping on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress. 18k gold plated jewelry is the piece with brass, copper, stainless steel or silver as basic material and the base metal has a layer of 18k gold whose purity is 75% gold plated on its surface. 

Is 18K Gold Plated Real Gold?

The purity of gold is calculated with karart or k. The purity of the real gold is 24k. The higher the purity, the purer the gold. For example, 14k gold is of course less purer than 18k gold or gold purity above. Below are the chart of karat measurements and its according amount of gold.

chart of gold purity 

As mentioned above, gold plated jewelry pieces are not made of gold, their base metal is copper, brass, silver with a thin layer of 18k gold  plated on the surfaceby using chemicals or electricity. That is to say, if you buy a 18k gold plated gold chain, bracelet or a necklace, the layer contains gold with purity of 75%.  So 18k gold plated is really a kind of real gold.

Is 18K Gold Plated Necklaces Worth Anything?

The answer of this question varies depending on your personal needs and expectations. If you would like to invest in gold and would like to know if 18k gold plated jewelry worth anything, the truth is that the 18k gold plated jewelry has very low value  and is not worth investing or it will be hard to resold.  Compares with pure gold, 18k gold plated jewelry is more durable and can be worn on many occasions  and can last for more than 2 years if it is well maintained in a proper way. Besides, there are many timeless and stylish 18k gold plated jewelry in the current jewelry market, most of them are very affordable with a low cost. What's more, 18k gold-plated jewelry has nearly the same luster as real gold, that's why there are so many people find it hard to tell the difference between gold plated jewelry and real gold based on their appearance.  

Is 18K Gold Plated U7 Necklaces Worth Buying?

The answer is definitely YES. All 18k gold plated U7 Jewelry use 3 times thicker  layer of 18K real gold plated on the surface of the jewelry pieces, which makes our jewelry more durable, look more shiny and luxury. We have a wide selection of 18k gold plated jewelry including unisex necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets and more. Most of them come with an option of personalization. You can engrave texts on the surface of the charms, making them more personal piece for daily wear. Our 18k gold plated necklaces are easy to pair with any kinds of outfits and would be  a nice and affordable gift for a family member or boy friend, girl friend, lover, friends and more.

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