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18K Gold u7 Necklace Worth?

18K Gold u7 Necklace Worth?

Hello everyone. My name is Amanda; Customer Service Manager at U7 Jewelry.


To start with, I am glad to say that the U7 Jewelry brand is becoming more popular every day and in countries all over the world. 


Secondly, I want to congratulate Floyd W Kimani (Kenya) for developing a Kenyan market for our brand. If you are in Kenya, you can buy jewelry through him and get special discount and local delivery. 


Many people around the world love to buy gold jewelry. We encounter some questions from our customers about our jewelry. Worries have been raised on Google on how to pick and buy good quality pieces without losing money to scammers. Well today is your lucky day for I am going to tackle the major one.


I need to emphasize that U7 Jewelry are not solid gold pieces. Our jewelry belong to the gold plated and fashion jewelry category.

In gold plating, manufacturers use 3 layer thicker 18K real gold/platinum better technology on the surface to keep costs low and produce the look of solid gold pieces. Plated jewelry features a base metal such as nickel or silver-which is less expensive than gold. In solid gold jewelry, gold is bonded to the metal, and the entire piece is filled with gold. In order to be labeled as "gold-filled" jewelry, the piece must contain at least 5% gold. Plated jewelry is coated with a thin layer of gold.

NOTE: u7 jewelry has 3 layer thicker 18k real gold, which is typically 10 karats or higher.

Gold vermeil jewelry is a popular choice because it contains sterling silver as the base metal. Some consumers prefer gold-filled jewelry because the coating usually lasts longer than gold-plated pieces. It is common for plated jewelry to feature the yellow coloring, but these pieces may feature any colored gold. Consumers with low budgets often prefer filled and plated jewelry for its affordability and beautiful appearance.


Why do thousands of people from all over the world prefer our jewelry?

Even though u7 jewelry are not solid gold pieces, all our products are plated with 3 layer thicker 18K real gold/platinum better technology on the surface . Pure gold is 24 karats. However, manufacturers rarely use this amount due to the softness of the metal. 24-karat gold jewelry bends easily and is susceptible to scratches. To improve the durability of pieces, our manufacturers add metal alloys to the gold.

Please see this chart. You will notice that 18k gold has the best gold content to keep the required hardness. U7 Jewelry features high quality brass, plated with 3 layer thicker 18K real gold/platinum to acquire suitable hardness and non-fading jewelry for you .


Gold Content


100 percent


91 percent


75 percent


58 percent


50 percent


42 percent


Still don't trust our jewelry? Please Google U7 Jewelry and search "u7 jewelry official" on Instagram. Read and see testimonials from our buyers. We make jewelry that suit and satisfy all our customers.

In conclusion, I say YES! Our pieces are really worth in time, quality and durability.


…and as we always say, if our product and services are good, buy and tell more. If you think we should improve, please leave us a comment or email and we will be happy to work on it for the better.

Thank you for your loyalty.


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