The culture of African is varied and manifold, it showed in African arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, cuisine, music,dancing and languages and especially jewelry. African inspired jewelry is one kind of art which always with high quality craftsmanship, uniqueness, diversity. Of happiness and joy. The true and natural beauty of African Inspired Jewelry are showed by its bold and intricate design.
African Inspired Jewelry for Female
African inspired detailed beads, Feather, earrings, golden cuff bracelet and pendant necklace, choker of sparkled a modern fashion trend. Recently, we have launched our African Inspired collection which inspired by African fashion and art elements. 

African Inspired Jewelry for Female-Charm Beaded Necklace

When it comes to African Jewelry, the first come to my mind is its handmade beautiful beadwork, African ever use multiple materials to make beads necklace, like seashells, animal bones, stones and colorful coral. Ancient Egypt also produce bead necklace dating back to 2,200 BC. Bead has deep roots and special meaning in African, African wear bead necklace in special occasions and weddings to show their social status. Inspired by the traditional bead culture of African, we developed our coral and crystal beads necklace. It is adorable piece for you.

African Inspired beaded necklace for female

African Inspired Jewelry for Female-18K Gold Plated Oversized Pendant Necklace

Golden color is one of African most popular color, it is the natural color of sun, bring people warm and inspiration. We designed our 18K Gold Plated Oversized Pendant Necklace with the combination of African Inspiration with modern ideas, the bigger the better is the fashion commonality of this Fall/Winter season, it completed any outfit. You can be a trend setter to paired with your ordinary black blouse or your V-Neck top.

African Inspired 18K gold plated oversized pendant necklace for female

African Inspired Jewelry for Female-Vintage 18K Gold Plated Golden Metal Choker

Some of African top gold necklace and choker is always with vintage and minimalism style, this choker is embodied with bold and modern flair, the polish and heavy design showed one kind of futuristic look, it is very popular among fashion bloggers.If you are someone who has a bold fashion taste, you should not miss this.

African Inspired 18K gold plated metal choker for female

African Inspired Jewelry for Female-African Map Designed Pendant Necklace

One of the most classic piece of our collection is this African Map Designed Pendant Necklace, bling bling crystal has been paved into the 18K gold plated brass which created a hip hop style for hip hop jewelry fans.
African Map design pendant necklace for female