Do you still worry about what to wear to the banquet ? This is our today’s topic, Best Jewelry For Banquet-Pearl Jewelry. What ? you don’t think so ? Follow us now, you could be the protagonist of the banquet. 

Why Best Jewelry For Banquet - Pearl Jewelry ?

Did you remember the gorgeous costumes and jewelry in “The Great Gatesby”, this movie is according to American author F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, which was written in 2020s, a roaring twenties, with a lot of talented people appeal and fashion sparkled at the same time.
In 2020s famous fashion brand chanel bring people tricot sailor dress, little black dress and especially the Pearl. Every one start wearing pearls to party and banquet.

Wondering what kind of Jewelry is right for banquet, we introduce three kind of pearl jewelry for you.

Best Jewelry For Banquet-Pearl Jewelry : Multilayer Pearl Necklace

Diana Vreeland (Vogue former designer), she is a Enthusiast of multilayer long pearls necklace, you could see Diana wearing multilayer long pearl necklace and with a cigarette between her fingers in every big banquet and fashion shows, Multilayer long pearls necklace could make your wisdom easy to notice. No doubt that Multilayer long pearls will also make you look elegant and wise. Black dress go with Multilayer long pearl necklace is a beautiful match.

Multilayer Pearl Necklace


Best Jewelry For Banquet-Pearl Jewelry : Multi Layer Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet is also a good choice for banquet,You could bring people a cool and colorful feeling when you wearing pearl bracelet in summer and also sets your arm off whiter.

Multi Layer Pearl Bracelet


Best Jewelry For Banquet-Pearl Jewelry : Drop Pearl Earring

The Girl with the drop pearl earring is Vermeer’s best-loved painting, The girl’s eyes attracted million peoples’ heart, the pearl earring is the best part of the painting, the pearl like a drop of water, make the girl’s eyes so mysterious, just like Mona Lisa's smile.
If you want to be ‘The Girl’ of the banquet, you should not miss drop pearl earring.

Drop Pearl Earring


Above all is our today’s topic , Best Jewelry For Banquet Pearl Jewelry. There are so many famous brand of pearl jewelry you can choose , like U7, Oviedopearl, LUPEARL MIKIMOTO. You could find your right pearl jewelry for your banquet very easily.