In the music industry, especially in most popular rapper genre, you can notice most rapper stars and celebrities has set off a boom on fashion jewelry trend, bold Statement bling big pendant chains which cost fortune has become the must have accessories for them to show their wealth. Their frantic enthusiasm towards unique customized big pendant chains with fancy stones and diamond is out of our mind. It is hard to believe most rap stars chains cost as much as a house and some rap stars are willing to mortgage to own a luxury chains, but it is the most common modern way for them to gain respect from the crowed.

Do you know who got the best Chains and how much it cost? Today we made a list of Best Rapper Chains to let you have a idea what kind of pieces they have.

Best Rapper Chains-Wacka Flocka Flame Chain

Waka Flocka Flame spent $120,000 for his diamond version of Fozzie, he is so much a fan of of stuffed bear that he is willing to spend so much money on it, he ever talked in his interview, he really like the Fozzie bear from Muppet Babies talks: Waka,waka, waka, he is wearing his yellow fuzzy with this yellow gold green watch and rings. It is expansive and adorable.

 Best Rapper Chains Wacka Flocka Flame Chain

Best Rapper Chains-Lil Uzi Vert Manson Rockin' Mickey Mouse Chain

When talking about Marilyn Manson biggest fan, the first one come to mind is definitely Lil Uzi Vert, his love for his icons is deep and costly, he drops $220,000 for IF & Co.Jewelers to make this delicate bling hiphop piece, which said has cost$50,000 in labor. Unbelievable!

Best Rapper Chains Lil Uzi Vert Manson Rockin' Mickey Mouse Chain

Best Rapper Chains-Quavo of Migos Ratatouille Chain

Quavo has done a great job in Migos, he has had a stunning year as a part of Migos, He also bring is stunning Ratatouille Chain to People's vision, which made by Disney's Ratatouille and the cost reached $250,000, this masterpiece has Quavo dreadlocks and glasses, Disney's Ratatouille Exquisite and excellent craftsmanship proved to be the customized jewelry seller who sell most expansive chains.

Best Rapper Chains Quavo of Migos Ratatouille Chain

Best Rapper Chains-Jay Z's Cuban Links Chain

Nobody likes to show off their earnings like a rapper who’s on top of the game, and their expansive and Nobody likes to show off their earnings like a rapper who’s on top of the game, and their expensive and lavish tastes for chains let us have the chance to see the sickest chains the world have never seen,Jay Z's Cuban stylish Links Chain cost nearly $25,000 which with simple and vintage design, he flaunt his fashion statement with no silly logos.

Best Rapper Chains Jay Z's Cuban Links Chain

Best Rapper Chains-T-Pain's Big Ass Chain

The most expansive and heavies chains i ever saw is T-Pain's Big Ass Chain, which cost $410,000. i have to say the design is hard to accept, but T-Pain wear it to show his own rap style. Not everyone’s neck are strong enough as T-Pain's! I just Joking.

Best Rapper Chains T Pain's Big Ass Chain

Not everyone can afford to buy a piece of rapper chain like they did, but you can pick some chains with reasonable price. We have our cuban link chains with exquisite craftsmanship and much lower price, we also make customize chain to suit customers requirement.

Which one is your favorite piece, share your ideas in below.