Chain is one of the most common seen element in our daily life, so does in fashion areas and chain bracelet keep an unshakable place in hip hop celebrities and fashion icons heart.Recently, We have launched our chain bracelet collection and want to share with you some chic piece and our inspirations.

Chain Bracelet Inspiration

The inspiration of our chain bracelet collection comes from Financial Center of USA: New York City. 

Marine Chains

When talk about New York City, the first thing come to my mind is the marine and the Sailing ships, for New York City is the biggest harbour of USA. One of the impressive devices we can see in steamship or boat is the big,long thick and sturdy anchor chains which prevent the ship from drifting due to wind or current, the tough image of anchor chains of New York City inspired us in our chain bracelet collection.

Owner of Chains Instead of Slave With Chains

Historically, African people enslavement in the USA is began in New York as part of slave trade of Dutch. Africans are deprived of freedom with heavy chains. What we want to express by designing our chain bracelet jewelry collection is to restate the human rights, we are all the owner of chains instead of slave of chains, our intention is the same like the broken handcuffs, ankles and chains of Statue of Liberty, Just a different way to declare freedom and breaking constrains. coincidentally , i find one of Tiffany HardWear chain bracelet look like the slave chains, maybe Tiffany also want to convey the same interpretation.


Style of New York City And New Yorker

Modern New York City thrives from industrial times, metal played a important part in automation, manufacture and architecture, The shinning golden and silver color is a post modern color which has been added to fashion clothing and fashion jewel, From fashion to architecture decorations, lines and angles and minimalist design are the mainstream. Inspired by the style of NY, we designed our chain bracelet with a simple yet vogue style, which gilded with 18k gold and use copper and stainless steel as base metal.

New York city is a place for ones dream to come true with effort,New York fast-paced life share no room for tears, it is matter of speed, you must be strong enough to stay ahead and efficiency, the sturdy, masculine of chain bracelet can serve as a reminder of your audacity and persistence for dreams.

Here Is Our Top 6 Chain Bracelet For You

18k gold plated Cuban flat Link chain 

gold plated Cuban link chain bracelet

18k gold plated link chain bracelet with cross design

18k gold plated chain with cross designs

Gold plated hoop designed link chain bracelet

hoop designed link chain bracelet

Heart chain bracelet

heart chain bracelet

Multi-layered Link chain bracelet

wide layered chain bracelet

Infinite link chain bracelet for women

Infinite link chain bracelet for women

Which one is your favorite? share with us!