Dog Tag and dog tag necklace is a kind of aleatory product which origin from war and be used as military ID tag to record soldiers identifications since American Civil War, then become trendy and popular as a fashion accessories for all ascribe to its’ history significance and the modern masculine steel-like design.Today let trace back to old times to know more about this antique-Dog Tag Necklace.

History Of Dog Tag Necklace

In war, dog tag necklace which engraved with ID information which serves as a great devices to identify soldiers. Wearing a dog tag necklace is a brave act for so to face the terrifying death and also express one’s desire to be remembered.

Advent of Dog Tag-American civil war

The inspiration of dog tag necklace comes from American civil war, in which time the inability of battlefield casualties identify motivate military used a simple method of attached the paper notes to the insider of cloth or engraved stringed wood to solve the problem.Then the merchant start to make more durable metal dog tag of military uses after noticing the big potential market.

Military Two Metal Tags-world war I

In world war I, Dog tag necklace has been made from aluminum like a coin which engraved the name, rank and serial number. Wearing a dog tag (contain two tags) become a regulation for all soldiers of U.S. army, one tag keep close to neck and another tag with short chains will be attached to the foot or ankle if died in battle. Nowadays, dog tag necklace is desdigned to be customized with picture and text, which is a good choice for personal use or gift giving.

U7 Jewelry Military Two Metal Tags

Notched Tags-World War II

In World War II, dog tag has been made in rectangular with round angle and a notch to adapt the operation of the printing machine which design is very rare now, Rumor said that the notch can be put between the teeth of the Sacrificed Combat comrade to let others notice the identification. More information like blood type or history of inoculations has been engraved into the tag which is very helpful to get timely treatment.

In modern times, the dog tag necklace will be attached with more advanced microchip or USB technology to enlarge with more helpful information.

Why Dog Tag Necklace So Popular

The function of dog tag necklace turns out a useful accessory for hikers or adventurers which can be identified when in danger.
Except from aspect of function, dog tag necklace has swept pop fashion of Europe as a must-have fashion item to flaunt one’s neutral and strong style, Many celebrities like Kristen Stewartchris, Chris Hemsworth, Micheelle Obama are fans of dog tag necklace.

Today we bring our customized dog tag designs for you, which can be engraved with anything you like: photos or content.

Little Advice On Engraving Content

Your can engravable jewelry and engrave anything you want, like your personal ID, social security ID or a special URL, but we suggest not to engraving the military force information if you are not a member of military, because it will cause legal trouble for you, non combatant will avoid such misunderstanding.

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