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Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated

Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated


Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated, Which one you should buy? What’s gold filled? What does gold plated means? What the difference between them? How to distinguish them?Today, will show you some tips to help you.


There are so many kinds of Gold products in the market. Sometimes, we are in trouble in checking and choosing as they have very similar appearance. The most common items we met often are gold filled & gold plated. Let’s start from them.

Whats gold filled?

Gold Filled

gold filled means a thin layer of Gold was covered on the surface of a based metal, and it requires at least 5% pure gold by weight. It’s a strictly regulated process that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of solid 14Kt gold with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweler’s brass resulting in a durable, quality real gold product.


What does gold plated means?

Gold Plated

Gold Plating is a method of covering another type of metal with a very thin film of pure gold by electroplating it. There is usually around 0.5 - 6 microns of gold on plated jewelry...that's 0.00023622 of an inch!


Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated

Gold-filled jewelry is much more valuable, much thicker layer of gold on surface, and much higher quality Gold than gold-plated. Moreover. The Gold-filled jewelry has no risk on tarnishing and allergy.

Gold Filled VS Gold Plated

Gold Filled VS Gold Plated


How to Find Out if an Item is Plated or Filled?

It is not easy for most of people to distinguish . Some people will rely on stamps, markers, and other identifiers on the gold item, something that the US Department of Commerce requires;But there are too much gold products made around the world. The US Department of Commerce only can restrict those products made in US. So it is not a good way to follow.

There are two fool proof ways to test an item to ensure if an Item is Plated or Filled, but both require you to see a professional.

The first is to have the piece electronically tested with a device that can tell you how thick the gold is on a piece of jewelry.

The traditional way of testing for gold is to do an acid test. With this test, a small amount of acid will be put on the jewelry and will indicate gold plating as it will dissolve the plating right off.then you will definitely know what type of jewelry you have.


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