Hi, everybody , meet again, i am a Chinese girl, but love to listen English hiphop music and watch punk men ! Recently, I am fall in love with the US drama, EMPIRE .And many of U7 customers also love this , and they told me it is update quickly in US than China. so they send me some Hakeem Lyon’s (Empire) Fashion. Let's share it !

Hakeem is the youngest Lyon son and a rapper following in the footsteps of his dad, Lucious Lyon, on the hit television show, EMPIRE. Though he may be the favorite son of Lucious, his partying and love of women have at times on the show put his future in limbo. Fans follow him though for his edginess and they love his sense and take on hip-hop style. He also seems to have a good heart in trying to do right thing at times.

Are u a Hiphoper ? so pls follow me check Hakeem's fashion !

Gold chain and cross jewelry is necessary for punk men , just like Hakeem Lyon’s (Empire) Fashion, wearing bling gold chain and shine his punk style , so how about u ? want to show yourself punk , just leave your comment , and i will give u the best guide!