We have been producing and selling hip hop jewelry for 10 years and we keep learning and get our inspirations from the flourished hip hop culture and hip hop history, you can never say you know about it when not mentioning the hip hop history, so today lets say hello to hip hop history in the birth place Bronx.

Bronx will come to everyone ones’ mind when talking about the history of hip hop, the 1970s Bronx in new York city where Bankruptcy, crime and house burning are common at that time, hip hop arising from the decadent city and become the main entertainment and a way African American and Latin young to made their voice to be heard.

1970s The Bronx

In 1970s, Hip hop is started with a special and welcoming DJing, and then spread with MCN(or Rabble), Graffiti, Breakdancing, those four kind of “art” consisted of the main foundation of hip hop, at the same time gang culture in 1970s also laid the groundwork and pumped energy to today’s hip hop culture.

Hip Hop History in the Bronx-Background of hip hop in 1970s Bronx
In 1970s, upper and middle class start to flee to Co-op City from borough's southern and western fringes of Bronx, leaving the poor African American and Latins. Landlords abandon and burning their building to earn insurance claims due to the low profit of renting. So the whole city is burning on fire, people are losing job, bankrupt crimes are seeing everywhere in Bronx and the government done a little on maintaining the social orders. That kind of environment gave birth to Hip hop.

Hip Hop History in the Bronx-DJing
Kool DJ Herc is the first one who bring out this different type of energy of hip hop by guitar amp and two turntables in urban party, which known as DJing, the break beats was made by isolation and extending of "breaks" of the record, young who are lack of music instrument start to follow to play music with record and turntables, then the beats was developed by DJs Grandmaster Flowers, Grandmaster Flash,and Grandmaster Caz by “Scratching”, the most popular DJing form in nowadays hip hop music.

Kool DJ Herc Hip Hop History in The Bronx
Hip Hop History in the Bronx DJing
Hip Hop History in the Bronx-MCN
MCN is also emceeing or rapping we are talking about, which spoken words in rhymes, usually accompany by the beats of DJ, MC will introduce DJ (rappers)and keep the show moving by speaking rhymes words to entertain and push the party to the climax and n Parties in 1970s, most are spoken about their thought and opinions towards politics and social life and some are Sexually suggestive. MCN (Rapping) has developed at recent years, and one of the most important aspect in hip hop history is the MC battle, in which competition, MC rap the lyrics combined with their lyrical skills and subjects matters to win the crowed support, MC battle is my favorite kind of Hip hop music.

Hip Hop History in the Bronx MCN

Hip Hop History in the Bronx-Break Dance

Break dance(B-Boying and B-Girling) is a rhythmic type of dancing in 1970s Bronx which combined many cultures and dance moves. The Rock Steady Crew is the one of the pioneers who made the break dance into the mainstream in 1977. the top rock, power moves and freezes merged with rhythme hip hop music.

Hip Hop History in the Bronx Break Dance

Hip Hop History in the Bronx-Graffiti
Some of the pioneers think Graffiti has nothing to do with hip hop, but did grab everyone attention by Bronx street corner walls graffiti paintings and Taggings, maybe you have made your Graffiti when you are young and chasing by Security officer. Graffiti is thought to be a non-splittable part of Hip hop history and culture. Gangs also used Graffiti to make a statement of their governed territory at that time. You can say graffiti is coming out of gangs culture, gangs was a group of people who are have neutral, positive or negative connotations in urban decay Bronx, Gangs are sure to be the unforgettable part of hip hop history, Today there are still many gangs group in United Stages.
Hip Hop History in the Bronx Graffiti
Hip hop and its culture also showed in hip hop fashion cloth and jewelry, people flaunt their voice by hip hop chains and bling bling pendant necklace. I have to say fashion and hip hop are influence each other.

Do you know any story of experience about the hip hop history in The Bronx, if yes, please share with us.