For women, jewellery is a beautiful coat, a unique accessory that enhances elegance and elegance. Everyone in the selection of jewellery will consider whether they want to match the clothes. Have you ever thought that the matching of skin tone and accessories also plays an extremely important role? When choosing jewelry, it is like choosing clothes. It depends on your own color. Choosing the right jewellery color can make women exude a charming and noble temperament. Let's take a look at the matching skills of skin color and jewelry.

      1. People with slightly yellow skin color should choose sterling silver, platinum or ivory jewelry.

      This type of jewelry can add to the wearer's elegant look. In addition, green gemstone jewelry or colored ball jewelry is also a good choice, but avoid choosing red or yellow jewelry, which will make your skin tone even more dim, thus losing itself. The charm.

      2, people with reddish skin, suitable for light green or dark green jewelry.

      Choose light green or dark green jewellery or ring to bring out vitality, but avoid red, purple, or bright blue jewellery, so as not to set off your face purple.

      3, people with white skin, you can choose to wear jewelry or engraving jewelry.

      Matching jewels or sculpted jewellery with a white complexion will give you a sense of elegance and elegance, but if the skin is too white, it is recommended not to choose diamonds or crystal jewellery, which will make the skin look paler.

      4, people with darker skin, apply to the middle tone gem.
      Intermediate color gemstones such as sapphire, topaz and other mid-tone gemstones can play a good role in lightening the skin. Generally speaking, people with dark skin should not wear white or pink gemstones to avoid strong contrast and make the skin appear darker. 18K gold jewelry is a great choice .

      Because of the difference in skin color, everyone has different choices of jewellery. If you don't know which color jewellery you are suitable for, think about what color you usually wear to make your face look particularly vivid and praised by others. That must be the color that suits you, then you can refer to these colors to pick jewelry.