The head creative director of the fashion house Channel Karl Lagerfeld not only love wearing Mittens, but also love wearing multi rings to fashion shows.Women and men have been sporting multi-ring looks for a few seasons now and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Its the time for us to catching the trend, but mixing multi rings is a challenging work for most followers.Today we introduce you some ideas on How to Mix Rings.

1.How to Mix Rings-From Big to Small Rings

If you want a stylish and simple way to mix your rings, the better way is to start wearing big ring in the middle and small and thinner ones to the rest, it will highlight the big one and can keep the stack from being too busy.

How to Mix Rings

2.How to Mix Rings-Mix Various Colors

It is classic to mix your different colors stone rings, the colorful stones always bring people happiness and romantic feelings.

How to Mix Rings

3.How to Mix Rings-Mix Geometric Rings

Geometric rings will looking dull when wear alone, but will look cool and stylish if mixed, mix geometric rings could create a Postmodern look and also could combined very well with your tattoo. If you mix well, you will look stunning in this summer.

Mix Geometric Rings

4.How to Mix Rings-Mix Metal Rings

Mix gold or sliver rings could bring you elegant and funky look, it is also an effortlessly chic way for you to combine this two metals and is always the fashion way Trendsetters will adopt.

Mix Metal Rings


Lets mix your beautiful rings to show your personality.

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