Hip hop has become the most popular style in music and also reflected on high fashion, if you no longer want to pursue for the luxury brand and want to speak out about the world, then you must want to create yourselves interesting and edgy hip hop style. Hip hop jewelry complement all your cool outfit to reach your goal. Today we give you some tips on how to create your hip hop style with hip hop jewelry and daily apparel.

How to Rock Your Hip Hop Style-Statement Hip Hop Ring with Tailored Suit

Celebrities like Rap singers, Rapper and trendsetters always leading the hip hop fashion trend, statement hip hop ring matched up with the Striped tailored grew suit and the bowler hat,ties is a beautiful match for some big occasions, hip hop band rings is less show off accessories than necklace.wear a pair of bling stud earrings will also add point to your overall style.

Hip hop style

How to Rock Your Hip Hop Style-White Tee, layered Hip Hop Cross Pendant Necklace

Dr,Dre.Snoop Dogg and Eminem showed us how stylish it will look to wear white tee with hip hop pendant necklace, especial when you laying your typical Cross Pendant Necklace, if you want to create your individual street style, why not put on ripped jeans and a printing Bandana,a chain bracelet to flaunt your hip hop trendy look.

Hip Hop Style

How to Rock Your Hip Hop Style-Baseball Cap and Hip Hop Wallet Chain

If you ask me one word to describe hip hop style, i will say sports wear, because the hip hop style is also reflect the culture of Breakdancing, the baseball cap is a must have accessory for B boy and B girl, a swaying wallet chain could go well with the rhythm of break dance. You can put on your vulcanized shoes and worn out jeans and loose Casual sport coat to make your statement.

Hip Hop Style

If you got any ideas on styling hip hop jewelry and clothing, please share with us.