The cornuto, corno (animal horn), or cornicello (little animal horn) is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. They are found primarily in Italy, but can be recalled among descendants of Italy in North America and in South America as well. They are symbolic replicas of animal horns believing to be sacred to the Moon Goddess of Europe. The horns they are referring to are long and twisted like that of an African eland not from a sheep or goat. This horn was used for protection against that of– the “Evil Eye,” (The evil eye is believed to harm — the forces of reproduction).

There are two kinds of Italian horn, one is red coral horn and one is silver. Some historians state the Italian horn represents a pagan moon goddess that was worshipped in Europe at ancient occasions.Silver, of which it is also often made, is sacred to Luna, goddess of the moon.Silver, of which it is also often made, is sacred to Luna, goddess of the moon.

The History Of Italian Horn

In Italy, the Italian horn appeared because it most resemble the horns of African eland in ancient times . Some historians said that Italian horn symbol moon goddess.

Sometimes these horns are referred as devil's horn by modern Catholic and Christianity, but It also be said that cornicelli are believed to pre-date Christianity, perhaps worn as amulets sacred to a pagan moon goddess. But after Christianity arrived in pagan cultures, many of the cultural traditions of the peoples were "baptized" and given Christian meaning.

Italian Horn Meaning-Italian Horn Use In Daily Life

They're a culturally preferred amulet and are primarily located in Italy and in North America between descendants of Italian immigrants. In some circumstances, the corno has become a symbol of Italian pride.

Many Italians put on a horn (cornetto, corno, or cornicello) which resembles a chili pepper. The horns usually are manufactured from coral, gold or silver and therefore are both worn as being a necklace or hung in a household to ward off evil spirits.

Italian Horn is used as Amulet to protect mothers and their babies, and trees that bear fruit; any form of regeneration. The Neapolitan custom was to make the charms of silver and blood coral being that these two materials were sacred the the Moon Goddess and to the Goddess of the Sea; Venus. The majority of Cornicelli are carved out of red coral or made of silver or gold. You can buy any Italian horn design online. Most are worn by men, by others made of a pinkish or red coral twig and if highly polished, can be stylishly worn as a pendant also for women. You may have run into the huge red and white plastic versions of a horn with the gold crown – these are designed to be decorations for car rear-view mirrors.

Italian horn could be seen anywhere in Italy, in forms of key chains, bracelet, necklace, earring, and brooch. Even as decoration the a window, hung on car back mirror or bag.

Italian Horn Meaning-Italian Horn In Fashion

Nowadays, Wearing Italian horn jewelry become a hot trend in Italy and other European countries, Celebrities and supper model like Rachel Sterling,Lauren Bush and Michelle Keegan are wearing Italian horn necklace and earrings in big event. Italian horn is not only a Amulet but also a hot fashion item for fashion trendsetters and be dazzle even the most discriminating fashionista.

Italian Horn Necklace

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